Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Couple of Questions V

Happy Day after Valentines Day! Hope it was a fun one for you. John and I enjoyed a night out - dinner at the bar at Applebee's (kind of different for us), shopping at Ross and TJ Maxx, and a private night at The Valley River Inn. It's definitely the most extravagant celebration of Valentines Day we've ever done. I figured with this being 10 years of marriage, we ought to do something a little special.

How 'bout that snow? I told Mikayla that it was God's special Valentines for us - all lacy and floating from the sky - too beautiful!

Here's this week's questions-

1. Describe your favorite Valentines Day.
2. What's your favorite memory involving snow?


stephietoo said...

The snow was amazing, I hope Bogey enjoyed it (since he was at your house).

1. I must say, Travis and I have spent 10 valentine's days together and this year has to be the best one yet. Travis and I had agreed that we would not get each other anything, but that he would come to JC and take me to lunch. He showed up at my office to take me to lunch and he had a dozen long-stemmed red roses. Very romantic and isn't something Travis normally does.

2. It was MLK night, 1996, Travis and I weren't even dating yet and we went up to McGowen Creek to play in the snow in his jeep. We got out of the jeep and took a walk in the snow. I had tripped and fell into Travis' arms (seriously, I really did trip on a log). As I said in a previous post (best high school memory) that had to be the best night of my life. I just remember thinking how much I wanted to stay in his arms and just hug him under the snowy sky.

StephieAnne said...

Very Romantic, Steph!

1. I think this Valentines Day was my favorite. There's something to be said for the first blooms of romance, but there's something so satisfying as 11 years of friendship that has only gotten better. That we could laugh at dinner, know that our favorite pastime is splittling up at a discount name brand store and shopping without kids and then totally enjoy a room to ourselves is very rewarding.

2. We went to Sahalie Falls one year prior to getting engaged. It was beautiful and playful and dusted with snow. He basically promised then that he would marry me and it was terribly romantic.