Monday, February 06, 2006

Is There a Doctor in the House?

We had a wonderful time this last weekend in Sunriver. Great sledding, hot tubbing, cozy TBS movies, and good food that derailed my efforts since New Years. Back to salads again.

A few things I did learn:

-if winds are predicted to exceed 70 mph, heading to one of the highest elevations in the state is NOT a good idea. We could barely see the car in front of us. Back to the Sunriver ampitheater for sledding, vs. the Lodge at Bachelor.

-When making brownies, don't forget to use the high altitude instructions in Sunriver.

-If the above mentioned brownies get burned, do not use a large knife to pry the burnt portion out of the pan. One might end up with a stab wound in their palm! I was so thankful Dr. Mark was one of our buddies in the house. While cradling the blood pooling in my hand after the tip went quite deep - I pounded on their bedroom door to have him come inspect the damage. Thankfully, the bleeding stopped quickly, supporting Mark's belief that stitches wouldn't be necessary. Pretty ugly, though. I have to bandage my hand because the band-aid won't stay stuck, and for a girl who's never liked band-aids, this is a little bit of an issue for me. Lesson learned.

-Also, on a final sad note - do not use your laptop next to a four year old drinking out of a water bottle. A very costly lesson - it will cost almost as much to fix my laptop as to purchase a brand new one. Boo-hoo.... I'll be using John's in the evenings until we feel like we can budget that expense (we just had to pay for brand new brakes in both of our vehicles....don't you just hate unexpected expenses?)

Talk to you in the evenings.....

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