Monday, February 27, 2006

Tribute to My Commenters

I just love coming to this blogsite and finding comments. Perhaps that's why I will continue to scour any resource for cheesy questions to ask so that you might be interested to add your two sense.

For those who aren't yet to the point of knowing how to comment, I'll try to walk you through using my mom as the guinea pig. I went back and tried to sign out and come up with a new name for her to comment with. So, I signed in as a NEW USER and it had me fill in information as if I was trying to come up with a blog of my own. You'll be asked to fill out a USER NAME (Mom - everything is lower-case... I picked your first and middle name altogether) - then, you'll enter a PASSWORD twice (Mom - the name of the first horse you owned, lower case) and then, a DISPLAY NAME - which is the name as it will appear when you comment. (Mom, if you choose to use the set-up I created, you'll be "twinsmom"). It will then advance you to creating your own blog - I actually backtracked from here and it still kept all the information, so it's nice to know that in order to comment you don't need to create your own blog. That's all there is to it!

In terms of tribute - I thought it would be neat to use two words that came to mind to describe each of you, as many of you don't know each other. So, here goes - and by the way - HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLIE!

Literary Girl: compassionate, seeker (of truth)
HollieHobbie: "HOME"-maker (in the truest sense of the word home), laughter
Susan: strong, inspiring
MrsQuigs: enjoyable, encouraging
Chele: "womb"-mate, genuine
Hharwood: courageous, perservere
Colie: vibrant, enthusiastic
Stephietoo: huge-heart, "family"


stephietoo said...

Thank you so much! Of course, the two words that come to mind when I think of you are: true - meaning, there are no strings attached, what you see is what you get; and I am going to have to use your second one for me - "family". When I look at your family (chele and her family too) it makes me feel 'at home'. That is truly where I feel when I am with you guys; I feel 'AT HOME'.

So, thank you again for posting such wonderful things about me. I love you guys, my 'family'!

I miss you, we didn't get to see much of each other this weekend because no one really felt all that great. I hope Bogey is having a great day with you guys and I will see you later today. Love ya!

teedub said...

I want two words

please visit my blog @

Colie said...

Thanks for the words of encouragement and the Birthday wishes. It was a wonderful day!

stephietoo said...

Here are two words for Travis:

1. Happy - he is always so happy no matter what the situation. This guy is hardly ever in a bad mood.

2. Best Friend (ok so that one is two words) - Travis is one loyal person and is the greatest friend I could ever ask for.

Please note that Stephietoo (travis' wife) is posting this, not stephieanne.

Everyone, please do check out Travis' blog:

He was so proud of himself when he created it. Also, Lisa, Chele, Stephieanne, literarygirl, hollie, and anyone else who knows Travis, please have your husbands take a look as he would love to have them comment too.

HollieHobbie said...

Okay Altogether Now....Steph's Word:

HollieHobbie said...

Thank-you, Stephomeister, for the kind words. You really made my day because I have felt like I have been failing at the Home Front lately. Your words were too kind.