Friday, June 27, 2014

Sitting Out of Saturday

Originally, Saturday in Arizona was slated to be the day to visit Tuscon and Kartchner Caverns.  However by Friday night, I was starting to strategize all the "Plan B's" that could take place as I was feeling the telltale signs of a headache that would just need to run its course, as pain meds weren't kicking it.  Fortunately, as I laid on the couch with the ice packs we had wisely purchased upon arrival (not just for keeping beverages cool!) - I really was not miserable.  Again, having a safe place to "wait it out" makes all the difference.  Just that evening, John had talked about wanting to hit the Arizona Mills Shopping Center, so I was hopeful he and the kids could spend Saturday doing that and we could postpone the cavern visit.  That's exactly what ended up happening.  I really spent most of the day napping and sleeping and was just fine to miss out on the retail therapy.

However, when John sent me this pic of he and the kids - I got a wee bit jealous.  Great choice for them to have lunch, right there at the shopping center.  Way to take one for the team, Honey!! 

By the time they arrived home later Saturday afternoon, I was starting to feel better.  Thank God.  I joined Brayden at the pool for a little chill time.  I was pretty confident that it was only going to be one day I'd have to miss afterall...

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