Sunday, June 22, 2014

Now We're Talking Summer!

With the three oldest kids spending the weekend doing Harlow training all weekend, we were kind of limited from any big, fun things to do as an extended family.  Then, we found out they all had a break from 12-5:00 on Sunday.  Hmmm, I think that's enough time to get out to Cottage Grove Lake and back for our first boat run of the season.  

We had intended for it to happen the previous weekend with the Whites.  However, Alexa and John's photo shoot went a little long and by then, we realized the weather just wasn't warm enough to make Whitley's first experience on the boat a successful one.  However, in anticipation of that run, we had completely cleaned out the garage, emptied the boat out, and ensured it would start.  So, that made a quick run to the lake with the whole family entirely plausible.

This time, the weather did cooperate - with a high of 82 degrees.  Oh yeah, that'll do.  

Just as soon as this last picture of the boys was taken, I hopped in the water to be the first one up on the board.  Water was cool, but with a wetsuit, very tolerable.  The lake was practically empty, and while the water wasn't glass, it wasn't choppy either.  Looking very good for a quality endorphin rush.  Boarding is a lot like riding a bike, once you "get it" in terms of being able to pop up out of the water, you can usually then do it every time.  And, this was no exception.  I popped up, big ol' smile - and moved to the outside of the wake.  I started planing a little bit, expecting John to take off in speed, but instead he was putting and I ended up dipping the tip of the board and tripping myself.  Not a usual occurrence for me, but certainly not beyond explanation as I tend to err on the side of uncoordinated.  I was worried about getting the board flipped back around in the water, so when the guys came pulling around to pick me up - SCREAMING at me to GET IN THE BOAT, I was glad I was at least ready to go.  Literally, it was a PANIC scenario - "DROP THE BOARD, GRAB THE BOAT, GET IN NOW!!!!!!!"

OK, here's the deal.  I rarely panic.  In fact, I kind of overcompensate for people who panic by being very rational in the midst of drama panic.  So, I just wanted a reason.  I mean, of course, I hightailed it to the boat, but I was more curious than scared.  However, the way John was yelling at me, you'd have expected him to be the captain of the boat being attacked by Jaws.  (In all seriousness, my most plausible explanation for the crisis was that another boat was bearing down right on top of us and we had to move fast).

Well, I was wrong, as I quickly realized upon being tossed into the boat.  The crisis?  We were taking on water - and fast.  The probable cause?  A missing plug.  Oh dear, that is a problem.  That would explain the lack of acceleration.  Yeah, we better get going fast before we end up on the bottom of the lake.  Fortunately, we were very close to the dock.  And, the biggest blessing - that it wasn't just us Rileys on the boat.  Michael was able to literally leap onto the dock and grab the trailer, back it up, and rescue us from a watery grave.  (See, I can be dramatic, I just tend to be sarcastic when I'm in that place!). 

So, we ended up having a picnic next to the outhouse.  Nice...but, in reality, it was time for lunch and everyone got a chance to eat while the water drained from the boat.  We were actually able to get the boat launched again (this time with the plug intact!!!) within a half hour.

I was ready to let go of the boarding for the day and give the kids their (DESPERATE!) time on the tube, but John insisted.  I got a fun run in - and will undoubtedly be sore tomorrow.  But, SO WORTH IT!!!

And, Michele felt the exact same way as she skied half the lake on slalom.  She literally had her head raised to Heaven praising Jesus at one point.  =)

Finally, time for the kids.  With only about 90 minutes before we had to leave.  Poor kids - we never give them any time to have fun ;)   And, let me tell you, they used almost ALL of that time being pulled around, all five of them on this brand new Costco tube.  Bless you, Costco, for finally increasing the size of your annual tube deal to accommodate all of the cousins.  

New cover photo....

Oh, the joy.  No kids were dumped this time around - and I don't believe we had any significant injuries.  

Our faithful driver.  So glad his eye is healed enough, his arm is healed enough, and even that he woke up Sunday morning without the intestinal bug that had taken him out the second half of Saturday.  

The quintessential boat selfie that we seem to take every year.   

Once we got home, we all split ways to get our chores done in a hurry to be able to kick back for the rest of the evening.  John tended to the boat, Michael dropped off the three oldest back at Harlow and Michele and I went to gather the perfect cozy-at-home comfort food.  Michele and I agreed that "we've arrived".  This is it....we are at that place in summer that we look forward to all year long.  I love summer...

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