Friday, June 27, 2014

Big Surf and In-N-Out

 On Friday morning, it seemed like a good idea to start consuming those groceries we'd bought at Target.  Orange Rolls and Orange Julius seemed like a good way to start the day.

Today was "Brayden's Choice" as far as destinations - and it was all about "Big Surf Water Park" in Tempe.  

The claim to fame at this water park was the waves they would generate in this massive pool.  It was by no means "Typhoon Lagoon" (Walt Disneyworld), but it was impressive.

Soon after entering the park, the kids went their own way, and we hardly saw them for a couple of hours.  Between John's stomach still healing, and me being weary of my neck, we kept our rides to a minimum.  

After about three hours, the kids reappeared and we opted to get out of the sun.  I think I'm the only one who didn't get a wee bit burnt (though it was pretty minimum).  When the temps are hovering around 108 degrees, even the shade doesn't offer a lot of relief.

So, getting to this place - in the air conditioning with root beer floats - oh yeah, that HIT THE SPOT.  

In-n-Out is definitely a fave!  

Eventually, we made it back to Bobby Q's to snag my purse.  John ended up seeing Ashlynn again when he went in for me, and then walked out with these - something they give to customers (and we took some home Thursday night too) with their bill.  It's like Elephant Ears in soft doughnut form....Oh my, the deliciousness from that restaurant continues on!

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sara said...

I used to drive up to big surf with my friends when we were in high school!!!

I love in-n-out!