Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Kick-Off to Summer Lone Pine Adventure

FINALLY!  My kids are all out of school now, Mikayla's last day was Tuesday...and phew, what a sigh of relief!!!  Now, I need to keep reminding myself how thankful I am to have them home when I find myself tripping over messes they're making all day throughout the house, their inability to occupy the same room in peace, or act like I'm the hotel concierge to meet their every vacation desire.... ;)

I figured Lone Pine Farms would be a good option for the four girls (Nati, Ellie, Mikayla, and Whitley) and Brayden.  It would at least be a decent time filler away from our house!  

And, yes, it was a hit.  Starting with the goats...and let us clearly observe just how far Whitley has come in her desire to be near them!

Whitley was getting a kick out of using the pulley system to get the goat food up to the top aisles that the goats travel on. 

On to the mining/sluicing.  

That look Whitley is sporting?  That's her assessing what the other blond in the picture just did.  She literally leaned in and drank like a dog out of the water supply.  I'm pretty sure Whitley was trying to decide if that was a good idea or not.  I'm happy to report that she made the right choice!  =)


As I wrote on Instagram, getting all four of the older kids to smile at once takes a lot of effort, so for Whitley to bomb it like this just isn't nice.  Yes, she's trying to eat the ice cream with her hands.  No, she didn't really like it.  I should have just called it good with the few bites she asked for from Mikayla....instead, SOMEBODY (not named Whitley) felt compelled to finish off the cookie dough ice cream.  Oh, the things I do for that kid!

What she lacked in desire for the ice cream (which isn't good for her anyway) was more than made up by her enthusiasm in the swing.  I must have asked a dozen times if she wanted to leave or go or visit someplace else.  Instead, we kept getting, "more"!!!  She has a serious swing obsession.  

And, not just a lackadaisical push - she wanted height and speed...and this girl will so be ready for Disneyworld in less than a year! 

These girls took the speed to a slower pace (and Mikayla ended up motion sick with even that)...

Off to the hen house...

We ended our adventures with a cart full of produce and a car full of kids gnawing on snap peas and golden delicious apples on the way home.  Yah, thatta way Mom, start strong with this summer stuff...because we know by September it's not gonna be this impressive...

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Sabrina said...

Enjoy your summer with your kids! I love all the pics to go along with your story.