Saturday, June 14, 2014

Madison's Grad Party

It blows my mind that our family friends, the Zenkes just witnessed their oldest daughter, Madison, graduate from high school.  How did this happen?  And, just as frightening, how did it happen that we are only three years from seeing it happen with our oldest?

All morose thoughts aside, Madison has always been a favorite for us.  She is as sweet and beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Watching her and her interactions with her family and mom has always given me hope and encouragement as to how great my relationship could be with Mikayla every step of the way.

As a surprise to most everyone, Madison chose to go to college at Whitworth in Eastern Washington, vs. the obvious choice of both parent's alma mater, Oregon State University.  That's a 10 hour distance vs. a 40 minute distance.  Oh please...don't let this be the choices our kids' make!  We could at least give them the encouragement that one of our dear long-time friends, Mike Ediger, is a professor there - and his family would make for a great lifeline when so far away from home.  

The graduation party was Friday night, and no surprise, it looked like it came straight out of a Pinterest "Favorites" Board. 

Can you see why we'd naturally look at Madison as a role model for Mikayla?  They could be sisters...

So proud of you, Madison! 

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