Sunday, June 15, 2014

John and Alexa's Engagement Photo-Shoot

Yesterday, we got to do something we've never done before.  We were asked to take pictures for John and Alexa - an engagement photo shoot.  When asked, we made it clear that we were not comfortable with being the "shooters" - and suggested Alexa ask one of the girls (like Ali Mertz) in the Trinity House with her to use our gear to take them instead.  We feel great about our equipment, but not at all great with our creativity and ability to capture the "money shots".   But, bless their hearts, they wanted to take their chances with us as they felt like they'd be most comfortable with us in intimate poses vs. in front of Alexa's peers.

OK.  Cue the sweating now for John and I.  Originally, Alexa had wanted to go to the Trinity Formal location (she wasn't able to attend as she was playing for the Softball World Series....priorities!).  But, that didn't work out, so she left it to us to suggest a different locale.  Gulp.  We chatted with Nancy and Amy at Madison's Grad Party and they both suggested Dorris Ranch.  I'd never been there, and so it was a risky move, but boy did it pay off.  There was also a train depot/bridge nearby that we utilized (along with access to the looks beautiful, but man, was it gross!).

These pics uploaded all out of order - but these are the favorites of the 1000's taken.  They were such a fun couple to shoot - we had a great time and how fun is it to be a part of capturing the love they share!  

While we were "hanging around" in the orchard, with John doing some of the more "kissy" pics, I snapped some pics of our own little model... (and please, no mention of how soon we might be returning here to do her senior pics....!!!!)

What a fun adventure for John and I, and a neat endeavor for Mikayla to witness and participate in as she is getting more and more interested in photography with each day that passes...


sara said...

those are AWESOME!!!! You did an amazing job!!!

chelelara said...

Very impressed!!!!! They look very professional! what a cute couple!