Thursday, March 06, 2014

Viewing the Blazers from a Sky Box

Every now and then, some big perks come along with John's position at Tyson Steele Marketing.  Wednesday night was one of those occasions as John was given two tickets to watch the Blazers play from the sky box owned by Bank of America.  The bank representatives were trying to encourage referrals of their services to clients of Tyson Steele.  

Knowing Brayden would enjoy the experience on a Wednesday night much more than I would, John took him as his date.  Fortunately, as Brayden attends a Catholic High School, Ash Wednesday made homework a non-issue, so he could afford to be out until literally midnight (as the Rose Quarter is two hours away).  

I guarantee that Brayden was more excited to just be in the sky box and eat the plethora of food that was offered there more than he was to see the Blazers play.  (Sure enough, Brayden said he gained three pounds from all the food he ate that night!)  The Blazers did win, so it was a fun game to be at, but even more entertaining was Brayden's "gamemanship" among the bank reps.  John was getting such a kick out of his natural rapport with these guys - he is such a card!  Times like this really make me think twice of what his "career future" will look like, and whether or not it will follow the traditional four years of college route.  Time will tell and we will really have to trust God along the way to guide Brayden appropriately as we can, and trust that those decisions Brayden makes will be along the right path. 

And, in the mean time, let festivities and fun perks like these continue!

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