Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Taking Advantage of Mom and Dad

On Wednesday, I had scheduled an appointment with my mom.  Mikayla had an early release, so I thought it would be helpful to bring her out with me under the guise of "Surely you have something Mom can help you with that might be hurting" - when really, I just wanted her to babysit.  ;)

As soon as we walked out to the back yard, Whitley caught sight of Holly and kept saying, "Horsie say 'neigh neigh'!"  She was so enchanted by them and really wanted to see them up close.  So, she got a before and after "my appointment" visit with the horses.  I love how she's no longer fearful of them, we are definitely turning this girl in to an animal lover.  (The biggest test will be the goats of Lone Pine Farms....)  

Mikayla used the piano as a diversion while I was getting worked on.  Along with a couple of Altoids.

And, in the biggest case of manipulation that I feel guilty to have implemented, I pulled on Dad's heart strings right when we arrived to see if he'd be willing to put together the "Cozy Coupe" that I had purchased earlier in the day at Target.  I knew it would be a hit with Whitley, but not until it miraculously materialized from box format to fully functioning "Flinstones-style" mobility.  He was just putting the final touches on it when Mom finished with the session (which, blessedly, proved I am actually doing really good - nice to know I'm not always getting "worse and worse"....!). 

I think Whitley was thrilled - though you can tell that Mackie clearly wants one too! 

As soon as we got home, I pulled it out of my van and she HAD to play in it out front and proudly show it off to her daddy when he pulled up to pick her up.  Mission accomplished - that girl loves her "caaaaar".  Thank you Mom and Dad for loving on Whitley just like another grandchild!!!!

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