Friday, March 07, 2014

Farewell to Suzie

About a month ago, Suzie announced the very real possibility that she'd be moving back to her home town in Grants Pass.  Her husband has worked for Dutch Brothers Coffee since he was in high school, and had attracted attention from the top executives to be considered for a very prestigious "grooming" position back at headquarters - with the eventual long term plan that he would be given his own franchise.  For those that aren't from the northwest, Dutch Bros is just about as popular as Starbucks around here and is known for its very friendly baristas serving excellent coffee with the "Dutch-themed" drive-thru blue huts.  The company originally started in Grants Pass and has grown exponentially.  Recently, it was even highlighted on "Undercover Boss".  Brayden would love to work there at some point - and I have no doubt his gregarious personality would fit right in.  (It's an ongoing joke that "frazzled moms" drive through Dutch Bros as much for a self-esteem lift from the flirty guys that work there as they do for the caffeine hit!)  =)

Despite such an honor being offered to Lance (Suzie's husband), it was a big blow to Suzie as she's fallen in love with her job at Bello and community and friendships here in Eugene.  Her and Lance have been trying for over 9 months to get pregnant, so that's already been a discouragement for her.  Anticipating this move and his upcoming position that would involve a lot of traveling was something very hard for her to go through.

However, by the time we all gathered Thursday night to honor her, the night before her and Lance were leaving with their U-Hauls already packed, she had really set her heart to one of peace and faith that God was going to use this adventure for His glory.  I am very proud of her, and constantly praying that she will keep experiencing in her emotions this truth she knows in her heart.

I was so glad everyone was able to make it (except Courtney, who day by day is getting that much closer to being "Dr. Simpson").  Prompted and put together by Kaela, we had also contributed to a book of encouraging letters to her.  I am very hopeful that we'll be able to see her more frequently than we'd originally guessed - whether that's from trips up from her, or a TNL field trip down to Grants Pass to see her.  One thing's for sure, Suzie's effervescent and overflowing spirit will certainly be missed.

(Thanks for the additional pictures Kaela!)

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