Sunday, March 09, 2014

Tournament Champions

Another tournament weekend.  Because it was set for Saturday in Portland, we opted to stay again Friday night and Saturday night in Dallas with the Schillings.  It's nice to be able to leave Brayden with his cousins while we are gone and let Sydney come with the family and hang out with Baxter.

We got a late start Friday night due being hung up at Marist as Brayden couldn't get into the locker room to retrieve his stuff after lacrosse practice.  Um, that's a problem.  The opposing girls' basketball team took over the guys locker room, leaving us waiting in the parking lot for 45 minutes, just a little frustrating.  I hope that sort of issue is prevented in the future - not cool.

By the time we'd reached Corvallis, this was the view of the back seat.  It's a rare occasion that Brayden ever falls asleep at any point in the day, much less in the car.  With three hour lacrosse practices and a Blazer game he attended leaving him getting home at midnight on Wednesday, he was exhausted. 

The morning started out brilliantly.  The sunrise view from the Schillings kitchen was so gorgeous - one of those situations that even with all of the saturation and filters added, the beauty of a picture couldn't begin to match the real thing.  But, we tried...

I think this tournament we attended on Saturday will probably go down as one of my all time favorites.  We didn't have to get there until 8 (in contrast to the usual 7am) and we ended up leaving just a little after 4pm.  The location wasn't ideal, it was at the Blazers Boys and Girls Club, but it was kind of cozy, and the best part was that we were allowed to gather just outside the gym in their lobby area to rest and share the sandwich spread the parents had all contributed to.  The only downside to the day was the restrooms.  They had that "little boy bathroom" smell of urine that was just gross.  I guess when they actually had signs on the wall that requested kids to not "urinate on the ground" that might explain the problem.

Of course, the best part of the tournament was how well the girls did.  They didn't even lose a set.  We knew they were top-ranked going in, and actually feared they might get lazy and not play to their potential, but instead, they were consistent, worked as a team, and stayed sharp the whole day long.  The last two teams we played were also skilled way beyond their ranking (it's not an exact science as you start out wherever the "like" team ended last if your team is a lot better, you may never even get to face the opponents you'd need to to rise up above the 70 or so 12's teams there are in the state).  We are blessed as we started out just a little bit lower than where we currently are (and have stayed) at #14, so we are right about where we should be.   At any rate, the last two games were heart-racers for us parents, hoping so much that an ace server wouldn't get the best of us and ruin our streak.  We prevailed, and for the second time this season, our Webfoot 12's Silver won a tournament.  This is something we rarely even came close to last year, so it's that much more of a sweeter experience.  I'm just so happy for this team, for all of the equally-contributing (and oh-so-sweet) girls, and for our coach, Chelsea, who I'd wish to follow Mikayla all of her years in the future.  She's great.

I need to get a group picture of all of the parents this year - they are all as nice as their kids... While I am happy to fill the down time with retreating off with my Kindle, John loves the opportunity to chat and socialize away.

Mikayla got a little more of a chance to serve at this tournament.  Frequently, they have liberos rotate in after the serve.  She was looking so good and so strong - we are so far beyond where she was barely skimming the net last year.  That girl's got power's so great!  (Especially when she gets multiple aces in a row!).  

We are so proud of our little libero - she was really on "her game" today and it was a joy to watch.

As much as we enjoyed the tournament, it was even better to find ourselves back at the Schillings before even 6pm - to spend the next 24 hours able to just relax and enjoy our family.  A great weekend - even if we did lose an hour!

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