Sunday, March 16, 2014

Fun in Florence

Horse back riding really kicks up an appetite!  So, we were definitely ready to cash in our Auction gift certificate to Mo's immediately after the ride (and a good wash of our hands!).  

Mo's is a fixture on the Oregon coast - known especially for their outstanding clam chowder and friendly and efficient customer service.  Almost all the booths were full when we arrived around 2:00, folks love this place.  We ended up having ribs and burgers - while I did have a cup of the chowder, our family tends to stay very clear from seafood. 

And, here's a collage of the place we stayed it.  The upper left pic was taken from the internet, so the skies really weren't that blue when we arrived.  But, we loved the place and its very clean and cozy feel.  
 This was our view - not bad either!  It sat directly on the bay leading into the ocean.

We settled in to our room to just chill after a quick jaunt down Old Town Florence for some ice cream after Mo's.  We read, watched movies, Mikayla face-timed with a friend to study for a major science final (crazy how awesome technology is), and tried to keep Brayden's restlessness in check.  ;)  It was a gorgeous sunset as well - need to yet snag that picture from John's camera or Mikayla's ipad.

The "continental breakfast" offerings of our hotel were satisfactory, but not quite what we had in mind for a Florence adventure.  So, we scoured the internet for recommended breakfast restaurants - surprisingly (and sadly) Florence has very few to choose from.  So, we ended up here-

Their presentation of cocoa was impressive, but it was actually a little bitter and strong for the kids' tastes...

Brayden was a SPAZ this morning, and couldn't control his obnoxiousness.  Despite the smile for the picture, it was driving John nuts.  Whether it's his age, gender, ADHD, or just his otter personality, finding the right balance for his energy bursts is sometimes hard for him to grasp...

She looks happy, but really was NOT thrilled with her pancakes.  In fact, none of us were all that pleased.  It's always a bummer when you strike out at a restaurant.  You get that bill at the table to pay and think, "what a waste"...  

We returned to pack up after breakfast and then headed home.  Given the cost is only about 80 minutes away, we were home by 2:00, giving us what felt like "bonus time" at home.  John and I probably enjoyed catching up on DVR'd favorite shows together just about as much as any of the other fun times of the weekend.  Sometimes, there's no place like home.  (Especially when you haven't been able to enjoy it for a while).  =)

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