Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pretending It's Already Spring...

There's nothing like sunshine and blue skies to bring Oregonians out in droves - friendly and happy with big smiles on their faces and shorts and flip flops on their bodies - even when the thermometer doesn't top 60 degrees.

It has us feeling like spring is on the way, despite the fact that the calendar still shows it over a week out.  Don't tell that to the flowering plum trees lining our street - they are happy to show off a little early.

And, what goes better with sunny weather than a little fro yo?  We thought it was a good idea, anyway, especially as Dickie Jo's/Yo's had a fundraiser going for Marist sports and activities.  Have a tasty dinner and fro yo and feel like you are benefiting the high school?  Why not!?!

Since we came right after volleyball, Grace got to tag along. 

And, then, these two strapping lads showed up.  =)

Of course, with the change of weather, Whitley is adamant about being outside.  These days it's a toss up on what will please her the most.  Walking ("walka walka") around the neighborhood out our front door, jumping ("bouncy bouncy") on the trampoline, or playing with the balls on the court.

For whatever reason, the trampoline generates a lot of static.  I have to be careful not to shock Whitley when I touch her or myself when I grab one of the polls.  It also reeks havoc on the hair - especially for this little one who likes to lay on her back while I jump...  (Yes, I know she's holding a balloon - but, that is not the cause of the static electricity - it happens irregardless of a balloon being around).  

Sometimes, though, Brayden has just the magic pull to slow this little girl down.  It might have something to do with the Salt and Vinegar chips he's eating (that she thinks are pretty awesome), or an episode of "Dora" on tv.  Ah, Dora, te quiero!  

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