Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Civil War

This is the first year we've had a Oregon vs. Oregon State Civil War in which both teams have been ranked in the top 25 for as long as I can remember.   It would seem that that would mean both teams have a lot on the line for the win of this game, but thanks to the Duck loss last weekend, much of the aspirations for any major bowl was instead reliant on the wins or losses of other teams across the country.  Still, of course, we were rooting for a Duck win - and of course, the Schillings were rooting for a Beaver win.  We had all admitted that based on last week's performance of both teams (Ducks not good at all, Beavers outstanding) the game could go either way depending on which "team" showed up to play.

As is tradition, our guys attended the game in person at Reser Stadium (along with Travis and Brian) and we stayed at home to watch it.  Here's a pic of us before the game demonstrating our rivalry (note the #1 sign I subtly pointed with).

Michele was not very pleased with her team's performance and was down about the Ducks scoring drives until it came to Kenjon carrying the ball and she changed her tune.  Last week was a downer for everyone regarding the Ducks, Stanford effectively shut us down.  It was good, as a Duck, to see our boys come out strong again and to see our Kenjon come out and run for 198 yards (which was really only done in about half of the game due to what appeared to be a rib injury).

So, the Ducks took the win, 48-24.  Based on the outcomes of yesterday's games (none of which were favorable to us....really UCLA and USC?!!!....that's the last time I root for Southern Cal teams....they both totally let us down.....) - it appears the Ducks will be headed to the Fiesta Bowl on Jan. 3rd (vs. perhaps Kansas State or Oklahoma) and the Beavers may be playing the Holiday Bowl on Dec. 27th (vs. perhaps Texas Tech or Baylor).  That's a perfect game for us all to watch while we are cozy in Sunriver, so I'm thrilled with that (and, for the record, at that point, we'll all be Beaver fans!).

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