Sunday, November 25, 2012

In Pursuit of Noble Perfection

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is traditionally when the Rileys go to get their tree.  Likewise the Schillings - so at about noon, we parted ways - us heading back down to Eugene to unload the vehicle and gear up for a trip to Carroll's Country Christmas Trees.  (And, the Schillings went to Bigfoot Tree Farm in Dallas...)

This is not the tree we chose - just one we posed in front of after ours were being hauled back to the parking lot.  

We were able to pick out the BIG tree we wanted for our living room in a hurry, but the kids hemmed and hahhed over every tree in the tree farm regarding the little one for the bonus room that they decorate.    Eventually, we all decided on a sweet tree left by its lonesome, ready to be adopted...and Brayden had the honor of sawing it down.

Likewise, I had the honor of sawing down our really BIG tree.  Because of John's cornea transplant, he's not supposed to have his head below his heart of doing anything overly strenuous for a while.  Since sawing down the tree involved both of those risk scenarios, I got the job.

And, it wasn't easy - it took forever - 

Carroll's Country Christmas Trees is a WONDERFUL place to get trees - full of decor spattered here and there to pose with and around.

The place is owned by longtime family friends - and they employ high school students eager to earn money for the Mexico Mission Trip our church runs at spring break.  

The kids busy at work putting the family ornaments on the bonus room tree.

Each year, the kids alternate on who gets to put the angel on the top of the living room tree - and this year it was Brayden's turn - probably best as this was our tallest tree so far and we needed the extra few inches he has over Mikayla to reach the top.

The finished project - it will look better as the other couch is scooted over - and of course, with presents beneath it....but, it sure makes me plenty happy as it is right now....and oh, the smell....Christmas is here!


sara said...

Love it!!!

seriously your family is so photogenic! do you ever take a bad picture?!! :)

StephieAnne said...

tons of them....they just don't make it on the blog. You are so sweet, Sara - thank you!