Monday, November 12, 2012

Serving Up Fun

It's volleyball season again.  Though I find myself dreading that practice in the evenings, every time I finish the practice, I'm thankful again that I volunteered to help coach with Jonna and Ashley.  The games are especially fun - and John was able to capture plenty of pictures of the team Mikayla is on.  (Which is a good thing, because this week, the camera inexplicably stopped working - it is still under warranty, but it could be until February before it is repaired - boo!)

Too bad Mikayla doesn't like volleyball and never seems to be having a good time!

Giving the hand slap to Ellie-

And another one from Kenady-

Mikayla getting the support from her team for a successful serve and point earned

Bringing it in -

There's no favoritism Ashley shows towards Mikayla or anything...Or maybe it's the other way around.....=)

After the game, Nati, Ellie, Mikayla and I drove Ashley home to the Trinity House.  They were impressed with her floor heating and wanted to lay down indefinitely in their formal living room.   I think they are ready to move in.

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