Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oh, What a Week!

Have you noticed the common pattern with my blogging?  Travis has, and he gave me his opinion of the lack of creativity and continuity with my posts last night.  To which I pointed to his daughter and indicated what might be attributing to my pathetic efforts.  Love that Whitley! =)

So, here's the week in review, because I know that it's pertinent that you not miss a moment of my "oh-so-exciting" life!

This was a day I was looking forward to as I got to spend it with my dear friend, Dawn.  We checked out a place called "Glory Days" that is located in Springfield.  It is a beautiful antique store with several different vendor booths.  Within the building is "Seasons", a small cafe.  This will be the location for our "Women's Christmas Tea/Gift Exchange" - that I've tried to organize year after year.  I think the pictures will be more impressive when I take them during the event, as they hadn't yet put up their Christmas merchandise.

We were running late, so together we picked up her daughter, Kallahan (Kallie) at the same pre-school where our kids used to go.  Kallahan has held a special place in my heart since I met her and her mom in 2009 at a Womens' Bible Study through our church. 

I cut up some apples and dip for her, swept off the trampoline for her to jump, and read her our new Thanksgiving "Bear" book.  She was wishing that I had Whitley that day (no Mondays until December) and Mikayla was sad that she missed out on playing with Callahan.  We'll have to have a girls' hang-out time for all of us soon.

Following their visit, I was able to get a deep tissue massage at Bello.  My mom's had another round of pneumonia (she's past the worst of it now), so I had to get some help for my achy body from another source.  It was definitely helpful, but not my mom =(

This was the view that I had with my walk with Whitley Tuesday morning.  It was glorious - and with the nostalgic Christmas music I was listening to with the help of Pandora - I was in a very Christmas-y state of mind.  The walk was extended when I finally got the chance to connect with Julie in Hawaii.  With our constant rounds of "Phone Tag", I think we'd be better off to schedule phone dates on opportunities like this morning as it's an ideal way to catch up across the Pacific from one another.  

The day ended with volleyball practice.  I'll use this opportunity to put up this picture taken a couple weeks ago of my neighbor Kristen and her son, Noah with Whitley. 

Noah is now one of two boys playing on our 17 member volleyball team that Jonna and I are coaching.  This week had the added stress of trying to communicate to the parents how the teams would be split.  Jonna and I will be coaching both teams and tried to make them as even as possible, but there's always an attitude we feel about the fact that we let Mikayla and Kenady always play on the same team (the whole point of us volunteering to coach together) and then whoever doesn't end up with those two on their team feel like they are on the "lesser team".  It's WAY MORE drama than I appreciate dealing with.  We ended up going a whole different route by putting the majority of the girls' close friends all together on one team and having the boys on the team with Mikayla and Kenady.  I think it was our best choice - and Noah and his buddy, JJ (one of Kenady's best friends), are really great volleyball athletes despite this being their first year playing.  Our first games are tomorrow....a post and pictures to come (hopefully I'll be able to upload that before next weekend!).

Whitley and I got to return to the gorgeous river path - this time with Alli Mertz (daughter of "Dave the Wave" - Dave Mertz, director of Harlow and John's buddy) - and Morgan Dougherty.  I LOVE these girls.  But, they have such outstanding families that live here in town - and are so strong in character, I almost feel like my requesting time with them just fills up their already busy schedules, and doesn't offer them a lot that they don't already have in their lives.  They assure me otherwise, though, so we try to make a "once a term" hang-out happen.  Our walk and red-cup beverages from Starbucks for the way home was delightful...

Wednesday evening was consumed with fighting a sinus headache.  Not an all-time bad one, just one I was determined to win by heading to bed with ice at 6.  I couldn't sleep though - so much stuff on my mind and heart lately to work through (not all bad, just a lot) - so Thursday had me in the hole in regards to sleep and attitude.

Brayden had the day off due to Parent/Teacher conferences.  (Why their mid-school would opt for Thursday and not Friday - which would be the obvious choice to set up a four day weekend?!)  So, he was excited to help me out with Whitley and take the uber-exciting trip to Walmart Supercenter with me.

I let Brayden sleep in and then heard him rising just as I was about to lay Whitley down after she had her bottle.  He offered to entertain her for a bit and have her fall asleep in the cozy confines of his bed.  Given she was in Duck gear, it seemed only appropriate.

I love watching Whitley and Brayden together.  She is so enamored by him and he has his own way of communicating with her coohs and ahhs.  SO SWEET!

Walmart Supercenter was indeed exciting for Brayden. He was especially caught up with the big balls I let him pick out for him and his sister.  The kid is 13, you'd think I'd be past making parenting mistakes like that (to my benefit, my focus was more on the baby) - but, yeah, there's my teenager bouncing the ball all over the store - to the disdain of employees and fellow shoppers.  I'm trying to fill the cart, take care of Whitley who woke up earlier than expected and he's playing, playing, playing - as well as adding extra "surprise" items to the cart.   Oh Brayden..... =P

By the time I'd gotten through practice with volleyball and on to Bible Study, I was on my last frayed nerve.  Like, on the verge of crying any moment.... My "Thursday Night Ladies" were SO helpful, encouraging, and uplifting - even when my attitude didn't merit any of it.  God bless those gals....

It's amazing what a full night's sleep and waking up pain-free can do for a girl.  I woke up feeling so much better, THANK YOU LORD!

My intentions were to just take the day off by hanging low at the house, getting things caught up and completed and maybe taking a few naps and baths.  But, upon having a conversation with Brayden and on the way to drop off to him at middle school, I threw out the idea of me driving the 90 minutes up the Woodburn Outlet Mall for some "shopping therapy".  I rationalized that it would be productive use of my time anyway as it would help me get a head start on Christmas purchases.  And, it was.  Yes, I went.  Yes, I had a MARVELOUS day.  Taking my time (courtesy of Kristen being available to pick Mikayla up after school) - cruising through each store...ahh, it was divine!

So, that leads up to today.  Just watched the Beavers lose - which makes me very sad....but it looks like Texas A&M might be taking the #1 Alabama team out.  I helped curl Heather's hair this afternoon, as she is the maid of honor at her friend, Emily's wedding tonight.  This was the couple that we helped "spring the question" with the use of the lit up lanterns.

Unfortunately, the wedding begins at 7, and our Duck game is at 7:30. season weddings are not my preference.   Fortunately, the wedding takes place at Camp Harlow - mere minutes away.

For now, I must jet myself - as it's time to get Brayden and Andrew to a halfway meeting point between the Schillings and us, so that Traig can take them to the Blazer game in which he scored free tickets at "Sons of Thunder" this weekend.

Oh the fun never ends!

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