Friday, August 31, 2012

And the End Draws Near...

If you haven't heard of the song "Bad Day", I put up the video so you could get that song in your head as you read the "new lyrics" I've written to the tune of this song's chorus:

So, I've had a fat summer
the scales don't lie
movie theater popcorn
has gone straight to my thighs

I've had a fat summer
wanting no one to see
wearing black hoody sweatshirts
when it's a hundred and three 

I've had a fat summer
but post labor day
I'll be hitting the gym
to sweat the pounds away...

It's been a fat summer.... 
It's been a fat summer....

Yes, it's obvious I'll be winning no future awards for songwriting.  That's okay - I had fun the other morning playing around with the rhyming.

If you've read this blog for any time at all, you'll notice that I'm pretty seasonal, traditional, and not one for a lot of change.  So, it comes as no surprise that I find myself at the end of August at the heaviest weight of the year.  It's pretty predictable.  August is the one month of the year that both Michele and I give ourselves permission to let everything slide.  We know that change is in the air with the kids going back to school, and therefore getting back into the grind of routine and fitness as soon as they do.  But, up until that point, the average of working out three-five times a week goes out the window, and the calorie intake WAY escalates as we take in all those things that are normally "out of bounds".  At any given point of time, I can be within a fifteen pound range.  I'm guessing I'm at least 15 pounds up from the point that I left for Maui in April.

But, that won't be verified until Tuesday morning when I face the music on the scales.  And immediately return to the gym (for the first time since June) - to make up for all of the damage done.  Until then, it's still party time.

And party it will be as we nestle in for our annual Labor Day Weekend at the "Schilling Lodge".  It's good to get away from Eugene for a bit, though it won't be long for John and Michael as I gave up my UO Football ticket for him to go in my place to Autzen Stadium to see the Ducks take on Arkansas State (any thoughts on that school, Sara?).  It will be televised, so I'll be glued to the tv with Michele here in Dallas.  It was a bit of a tough call to not return with John to be there for the season opener, but the coziness factor won out, ultimately playing in to my desire for all things gluttonous right now.
(Not to mention the horror of having to exercise prematurely by going up and down all those stairs in the stadium!)

I really do feel like the end of August (the gluttony gets worse as the month goes on) is spent with a bit of dread for what is right around the corner.  While I LOVE the season of fall and all things "Harvest" - the school year is not welcomed.  As we picked the boys up this evening from their final day at Harlow (on the last day the camp was open), the boys were very sad, wishing aloud that they could just live there all year long.  Oh, how I wish.  But, there's a lot of life experiences both of those boys have yet to face that comes with the adversity of the school year.  And, let's face it, it's kind of time for all of us to step back up within the realms of responsibility.  This week I took a nap every morning after getting the boys to camp.  The more I sleep, the more I want to sleep - likewise with eating.  Honestly, I feel like my body is so lethargic, with so little energy - it's crazy how fast I've deteriorated.  Even if it weren't about how icky I feel as I look in the mirror, these habits certainly affect my health and general well-being.

It's been fun while it's lasted - I'm ready to enjoy the next three days to the fullest, but come Tuesday morning - it's all gonna change.

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Neha said...

Don't worry. Just work at it and you will lose all that in to time. My doc got us a treadmill on my birthday and that's definitely the best gift I got this year. Since then, we both are burning it out (we both are fitness freaks). Nothing feels better than a good workout!