Saturday, August 11, 2012

Phoenix, PJ, and Ariel's trip to the Lake

The morning after completing week two of serving at Harlow.  I think Phineas and Ferb were definitely not ready to take on the day.  

However, the time for sleep and slumber quickly came to an end as it was time to take the three ladies most instrumental to our girls' successful Harlow week on the boat with us.   Tess (aka PJ), Kimmie (aka Phoenix), and Micaela (aka Ariel).

Mikayla was all smiles having these three ladies on board with her.

A classic shot of Brayden singing while boarding.  We had to get a new board as the other one literally fell apart.  This one's a little more "squirrely" but helpful in pulling off more tricks.

Like this - an actual jump over the wake.  WAY TO GO BRAYDEN!!!

Nice wipe-out, buddy!

Traig's turn.  The water was so JUNKY!  Because an toxic algae alert has been issued on the nearest lake to where we go, so our little Cottage Grove Lake became very crowded on this particular Saturday.  A bunch of crazy drivers, white-cap water....not the best conditions for sure.  But, the company couldn't be beat.

Micaela has had lots of experience wakeboarding.  She's a natural.

Kimmie is the boarder who refuses to go down.  She has a lot of experience snowboarding and you can tell by her tenacity on these waves.

Tess' turn.  Unfortunately, she never quite got to the point of gliding along the water.  We would have let her try endlessly, but she eventually just ran out of grip strength to keep going.

Tess has a huge issue with seaweed...wouldn't you know that it would be on her run that it would wrap itself over the rope.

Tubing time.  Definitely the better option with water this cruddy.

The kids' turn.  Look at Brayden and Traig's expressions.  They were kind of like that all day, with rare moments of smiles mixed in.  They weren't grumpy, just out of it.  We called it "Harlow Hangover".

They asked for the opportunity to flip off the back....which then turned into wrestling and then trying to ride it in different positions.

Back to the ladies.  

It was such a fun day with these gals on the boat with us.  They were so happy and delightful just felt great to be around their joyful spirits.
We capped the day off with a trip to DQ, eating our ice cream treats in the boat in the parking lot (another new tradition).  A GREAT DAY!

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