Sunday, August 12, 2012

A Performing Dog, Horse-back Riding, and Ice Cream Cake

At last December's Harlow Auction, the Meyers purchased a package that offered a girls' party at Harlow.  It included a performance by "Gracie" the dog, a trail ride on horseback, use of "Frank's Place" (a foosball/ping pong/play room at Harlow), and an ice cream birthday cake.  Obviously, this was something (due to the horses) that needed to happen in the summer - so despite the fact that Christina has a Thanksgiving birthday, we were celebrating her in August.  (Her parents felt she's kind of gotten jipped in the last couple of years in the birthday party department....).  

As Mikayla, Nati, and Ellie are all close friends to Christina, they got to be in on the perks of this party.  It was a gorgeous day, and everything unfolded just as it was promised.

The "Amazing Grace Dog Show" has been featured in many different venues - including a visit to the "Jay Leno Show".   Gracie's owners attend our church and do various performances like this to the delight of all who witness it.

Gracie, saying her prayers.  She looks up as soon as they say "Amen".  =)

This picture is kind of special to us as it is Mikayla reconnecting with "Pansy" - who she rode during the winter/spring of 2010.  Pansy spends her summers loving on kids at Camp Harlow.  She started nickering when Mikayla came over to visit - I'd like to think she remembers her.

The girls, awaiting their horses being prepared for the ride.

The conclusion of all that fun was a Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.  Delicious!

Thanks, Meyers, for letting us in on the celebration of Christina!

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