Monday, January 16, 2012

Snow Wound Up

I'm just going to put it out there, I have this thing about just winds me up.  I LOVE it!  Watching the ugliest of conditions blanketed in crystal white evokes feelings of just how anything can be transformed into beauty.

I love it when the flakes come down as big as cotton balls, and you feel like you are in a snow globe.  I love watching the kids play in it - and Sydney DELIGHT in it.  For me, the only problem with snow is the inevitable....watching it go away.  Turning into slush, creating mud, snowflakes into rainfall...that is not fun.

In that same vein, the other issue I have is NOT getting the snow in the first place.  If snow is in the forecast, more often that not, Portland, Dallas, or even my parent's house will get it, while our little ol' home in Eugene will NOT.  GRRRR!  Honestly, I work myself into the worst-est of moods over this little weather occurrence, it's downright embarrassing.

Therefore, it was a very good decision to have us spend the latter half of the three day weekend at Michele's - as sure enough, her little town of Dallas had some of the best snow in the whole Willamette valley.  I was tickled that it stuck around until my kiddos arrived in the afternoon on Sunday - as it had accumulated quite a bit for Michele's kids in the morning (pics of her kids in the morning below mine).

Leaving Michele's winter wonderland and driving back to the rain 80 minutes to the south to our house was not pleasant, though.  I was in the worst mood driving, watching the white evaporate and temperature increase with each mile we traveled.

Tonight, we are supposed to get more snow, though its highly unlikely it will amount to much.  I think a school delay may happen given the temps are supposed to be below freezing in the morning which could make commuting a mess, but I can't imagine school being canceled.  In Michele's town of Dallas, though - whatya bet they get the day off.

It just goes to show just how much out of whack my "happiness gauge" is at any given time.  I'm so thankful that JOY THAT LASTS goes way beyond the lifespan of a snowflake.


sara said...

lol! you are so funny. I used to love the first snow of the year and "maybe" enjoy it until Jan/feb. but now I don't miss it at all!!! I woke up to 64 degrees this morning! :)

StephieAnne said...

Sara, while we might not see eye to eye in our pleasure towards snow, your post proving what you've put up with in regards to the white stuff completely clears you from any scorn I might have towards "snow-haters" =)

This morning did indeed turn into worst case scenario. It never dropped below freezing, it was a cold rain with an occasional snowflake tossed in this morning, and of course, school ran as normal.

Making the issue even worse was a certain son of mine who realized at 10pm last night that he had homework still to be done. When I returned from dropping Mikayla off, he was in complete melt-down unhappy with school in general (why it exists...), and how he has the hardest three teachers, and how he CAN'T do it. With a little bit of firm encouragement from myself (sapping all of my reserves of postiveness....), WE completed his homework with plenty of time to spare before school started. whew....

Ughhh, the best thing I can say about today is that it is not MONDAY!!!