Monday, January 02, 2012

Rose Bowl Champions!

It's the third year in a row that the Ducks have gotten into a BCS Bowl Game. Two years ago, it was the Rose Bowl, last year it was the National Championship. Both ended in losses, quite the let-down after otherwise spectacular seasons.

This year, the hope was that the end result would be different. While some Duck fans were still pouting over not having our team make it to the National, our family was indeed proud of the Rose Bowl achievement. Moreover, because of our connection with Kenjon, we've been invested personally with how the team has done.

It was because of this that John asked my permission to take himself and Brayden to the Rose Bowl. Yes, it was coming right off of a previous week's vacation. Yes, it was expensive. Yes, they would fly down and fly back up all in the same day. But, YES, we all agreed it was worth it. Worth it for John and Brayden to experience together, and worth it for them to be down in Pasadena to root Kenjon on.

Any "vacation" linked to a game's outcome has always seemed like a risky adventure. Would it be remembered as "worth it" if the outcome was a loss? That's why John and I have never considered it for our family. But, I felt pretty good that in this case the whole "adventure" for my dynamic duo would outweigh any game outcome. I think that assumption would have been correct, but fortunately we have no need to know - because, as it turns out....


It was the icing on the cake for the guys. They started their journey by leaving our home last night at around 4:30 (we only got home from Sunriver at about 1:30) - and then drove up to spend the night in Portland. Since it was necessary that they be at the Portland Airport at 4am, they decided to cash in some Hilton points for a night's stay up north (and that also meant a trip to Buffalo Wildwings which Brayden very much wanted to eat at).

They arrived in Pasadena just as planned, got dropped off at the Rose Bowl, met up with Heather Spinney and her brother who were seated next to them - and the next four hours were history as the Ducks put on quite a show. They witnessed Kenjon making a spectacular catch and run into the endzone for one of the first half touchdowns. (He also contributed to significant rushing yards and first downs) It was 82 degrees at kick-off under a brilliant blue sky....quite the contrast to our 42 degrees here in Eugene.

They are probably already loaded in the plane to return north. John thinks the plane lands in Portland at 11:30 tonight - and then they'll still need to drive the two hours home. I told John to just "text me" as I don't intend to stay awake - and I also told Brayden that his very important job on the way home is to keep Daddy alert and talking....

Fortunately, the Eugene School District does not resume classes until Wednesday. Can I hear a Hallelujah? John will be headed to work bright and early tomorrow, but I'm hopeful Brayden sleeps in until noon.

Even if they are both groggy all day - or even for the rest of the week, I know they will have considered the experience SO WORTH IT! I joked with Brayden on the phone a few moments ago and asked him what it felt like to start the year on such a "high" - knowing there's no direction to go from here but down. He laughed, and we can all hope that this great beginning to 2012 is just the start of what joys the year has to offer!

Pictures courtesy of Associated Press and John's cell phone =)


Tiffany said...

Now that's pretty glad they got to go! I WILL NOT share this tid bit of information with JB; he would be SO jealous;)

I hope they rested well!

Lauren said...

good post

Love your blog!