Sunday, January 22, 2012



In celebration of his 43rd birthday, it was decided to have a repeat outing with the folks that showed us so much fun in December.  For them, not only was it an opportunity to honor John, but it truly was a GRUDGE MATCH, particularly between Heather, Michael, and Kenjon as to who truly is the better bowler.   It was meant to be a guys vs. girls match-up too, but let's face it - particularly in the first game, Kaela and I sucked....and did nothing to help our team out.  It was Heather's individual match-up we were most inclined to see success come out of.

The teams both started out strong, though - when the lead-off bowlers of each team, Mikayla and Brayden, both threw strikes....nice foreshadowing of the great fun that would come out of this evening.

Heather was ON FIRE - it was strike after strike after spare...

A little attitude from Mikayla

It's good that Heather still loves us despite the fact that we let her down so monumentally. =)

Mikayla, talking "smack" to Kenjon...

Yes, these guys were the winners...

Which made us the "losers"...

Kenjon is trying to make it clear that Heather really did come in in second place...yes, despite such extraordinary effort, Kenjon topped her score.

Love these guys so much!

The wager between the teams was the team that lost had to bake cookies for the other team.  With Michael and John's favorites being chocolate chip, and Kenjon's favorites being oatmeal raisin, we GRACIOUSLY made batches of both =)

As for John, his birthday "cake" was Marionberry pie, so yummy!

I love how focused the rest of the crew was while "singing". =)

Meet the human jungle gym for our kids!

No idea...

Still no idea...

Bring on Just Dance 3 - and with it - nonstop smiles and laughter.  Unbelievable how entertaining and fun this activity is!!!!

We did prefer being spectators, but as you'll see below - we did get out on the "dance floor"

Clearly, whoever was dancing at this point, was very captivating to these guys...

At about 9pm, Mark McKay joined us - and jumped right into the mix.

This is what happens when Brayden talks "smack" to Kenjon... Mikayla may get away with it, but Brayden pushes it just a step too far - don't worry, he asked for it and was loving every minute of this wrestling match. 

Truly an UNBELIEVABLE night of fun that lasted past midnight, thus honoring John's true birthday.  I can't even express enough how much fun these guys are in our lives....all sorts of little details I can't even describe in the blog, but made for outrageous fun.  Thank you, thank you, thank you - not only an honoring night for John, but the perfect remedy for January Blues!!!!!

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