Friday, January 27, 2012

Just "Bounce"

This is an interesting weekend for us.  Yesterday I drove up to Dallas to pick up Michele and Michael's kiddos as they were headed to a retreat with their church's high school group in Sunriver.  With today being a "no school" day, it left for a day to occupy five kids by myself - without losing it or letting my house get absolutely trashed. 

Earlier this week, Mikayla began a new once-a-week class at a gynmastics/trampoline warehouse with Christina and Erica.  The facility is called "Bounce" and Mikayla enjoyed the experience so much that she "jumped' (ha ha!) at the chance to participate in an open gym today.  At first, I figured the boys would prefer to go to a movie while the girls went there, but as it turned out, they opted to go with the girls once they found out I wouldn't be attending the movie with them (sweet, huh?....not too grown up yet!).  As it turned out, all five of the kids, plus Amy's three kiddos, had a blast at the two hour open gym.

I actually have to say, though, despite all the fun, I did breathe a sigh of relief when the two hours were up that no injuries resulted for any of the 8 of them.  WHEW!!!

After those two hours of watching THEM exercise, I'd worked up an appetite so I coerced them all to join me in giving "Five Guys" a try at a franchise that just opened up around the corner.  Pretty much made myself sick gorging on the fries....but it was so good....

Tonight through tomorrow, John is at a leadership retreat so I'll still be flying solo in terms of keeping the kids entertained.  Fortunately, not a lot is required by me these days in keeping these five occupied.  Such a different story from when they were little.... 


sara said...

oh, I love Five Guys!! those fries are to die I'm hungry!!

quiet weekend for me...#1 son left to go visit his girlfriend and #2 son is giving music lessons all day.

However, daughter needs to learn how to play spades to use with a tonight will be cards! whoop!

StephieAnne said...

Have fun - I saw on Facebook you are in the kitchen all day...ENJOY!!

And have fun teaching your daughter "Spades" =)

Neha said...

That must have been quite fun. Hats off to you for managing all of them so well. For me, either of my niece and nephew at a time is a handful!