Thursday, January 26, 2012

In the Midst of Miraculous

Gotta say, feeling a bit of the "blog slump" that is so prevalent in the winter months when rains pours down and nothing much of excitement occurs during the week.  But, we ARE plugging along - and almost to February (Hallelujah!).  If nothing else, all this rain means full reservoirs when we are boating in the summer, right? =)

It's been a while since I've updated on my neighbor, "Joy" - who lives across the street from us.  When I wrote in this post, things were very dire for their family.  It was questionable whether she would make it through Thanksgiving, with cancer rampant through her body, much less, Christmas.

Well, I'm thankful to report, she is still around!!!  And....doing great!   The other day, our doorbell rang, and it was her college-age daughter at the door, Shelby, who've we known exists, but have never really gotten to know.  She came over to ask if, by chance, on Kenjon's next visit over, he might be willing to swing over to their house to give Joy a hug as she LOVES the Ducks.  Done deal, he was supposed to stop by the next day and we'd make it happen.  Unfortunately, he wasn't able to make a visit to us work, but it resulted in John stopping by and spending over an hour over there, sharing stories about his own sordid past, what Jesus has done through him, and hearing stories about what's going on in their lives.

In a nutshell, Joy is in the midst of chemotherapy, and by April could be done with her course.  The doctors are BAFFLED by her recovery and improvements - it defies science why she is doing this well.  However, the Groshongs (that's their last name) attribute her well-being to a visit by "Mrs. Claus" while Joy was in the hospital at the time around her first diagnosis.  John asked about a particular picture of Joy dressed in a hospital gown next to a nurse, and they proceeded to explain why the picture is so important to them as it marked a turning point in Joy's life.

"Mrs. Claus" is a nurse in the oncology unit that came to get Joy out of bed one day.   Joy was moving slowly, so this woman literally lifted Joy out of bed, and then held on to her in the fiercest hug Joy has ever experienced.  She then whispered into Joy's ear, "God is going to heal you" - and what followed was 10 minutes of intercessory prayer by this woman....not just fluffy words, but prayer loaded with claimed scripture.  It was unlike anything Joy or Butch had ever experienced.

And, the result - a miracle.  John and I have been intentional as well in letting them know how we are praying for them, having our Bible Study, blog-friends, and church pray, and even giving them insight into scripture that would offer hope in such a frightening, bleak time.  But, while praying for a miracle, sometimes you still find yourself shocked to see it transpire - yet, it has happened.  And that family has no doubt as to Who is responsible. 

The day after John stopped by, we got another ring on our doorbell, and Shelby, the daughter, showed up with these homemade cupcakes for John.....ahhhhh!
We are now Facebook friends with
her, and not only that, but on Monday, Heather discovered she also knows the family as she played soccer with Shelby growing up.

Sometimes the prospect of death brings nothing but misery and hopelessness.  But, sometimes, in situations like this, the prospect of death brings people together that would have never united otherwise and exposes miracles that change a person's whole perspective on what true "joy" really is, and how it can be eternally found.  I'm honored to be able to witness such a miracle....

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Neha said...

I hope Joy recovers and is able to spring back to life soon after the therapy. It's great that your families are getting to know each other as in these moments of despair, it's love and togetherness that make one strong. God bless you all.