Thursday, April 09, 2009

An Issue No More

THANK GOD!!!!! See anything missing in that smile? How about three front teeth!!! Today was our semi-annual visit to the dentist and I was determined not to leave until they took those top teeth out - the ones that had been cracked when she was 2 and a half, and consequently a full hospital visit was required to "cap them" and save those baby teeth. The end result is not what we'd been led to believe it would be, so the last five years Mikayla's had to deal with two (quite obvious) front teeth that are thicker than they should be and quite gray. Those stubborn little teeth have literally been loose for over a year and a half, in fact, each dentist visit the doctor tells us "it won't be long now". Grrrrr..... and then they say it again 6 months later.

While they have been "loose" they have not budged, despite every trick in the book we've tried (well, not EVERY trick, but you know what I mean). One of our concerns was that she would just lose one of the teeth which would make the "dark backside" of the other damaged tooth more visible. So, we were hoping they'd go close to the same time.

I truly believe this whole thing has bothered me over the years much more than my daughter. But, when (ironically) she came home just this week telling us of how another girl in a different class had stated "Mikayla's ugly because of her two gray teeth", I felt like I had all the ammunition I needed to plead my request to "yank 'em" at the dentist. While the exchange was a bummer for Mikayla, she displayed amazing composure about it all, almost feeling bad for the girl who was obviously so shallow.....(I'm proud of my little girl!). But, Mikayla has had enough of the oddity too - and has been excited for today for quite a while to get rid of them.

Fortunately, the x-rays showed that the adult teeth are "right there", ready to come in. So, the dentist offered to pull them "whenever we'd like to come back in". Um, how about today? I'd already told myself I'd sit in that dentist office all day to be available.....sure enough, he worked us in 40 minutes later. (But don't tell Mikayla's teacher that - we celebrated through the rest of the school day by running errands together....)

Can I just say we have the greatest dentist in the world?! For the record, it was his previous business partner that did the original work on Mikayla's teeth, and I'm so glad we stuck with our gut and went with the older, not-as-good-of-looking partner and not the guy we'd originally chosen. Dr. Barta has such a kind heart and did not charge me a dime for giving her the "calming fruity flavored stuff" they give to kids, nor for using stuff to numb the area, nor for the time to yank the three teeth (there was another loose tooth next to those two that was ready to go as well). It's not the first time he's not-charged for something he should have either. I love that guy - and even more for the care he gives my kiddos. (For the record, I did pay for the normal cleaning and x-rays, which was ouchy enough as we don't have insurance).

So, that's it. No more mark of abnormality for Mikayla. She's a typical 7 year old girl missing her top teeth. Ironically, if you link to this post, you'll find Mikayla isn't the only one in our family who was wishing for her two front teeth to arrive in her Easter basket.... I'm so happy for Mikayla, and, ashamedly, for myself - who has always felt like this teeth issue is something I should have prevented if I were a good mom.....Oh, the ways we torment ourselves!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mikayla for losing your front teeth! I have the most beautiful girl in the whole wide world!

I love you princess!

Your Daddy

chaseystacey said...

I have never seen someone so happy to have their front teeth missing since my second grade school picture! (seriously, my mom burst out laughing when we got them back)

Mikayla is seriously so adorable!


Beverly said...

And just when I thought she couldn't be any cuter!!! What a doll!