Sunday, April 05, 2009


Yesterday was a GREAT day! It took just a little bit longer for the sun to clear up over our house (a mile away it was crystal clear, the clouds just hung on the further north you were) - but that's about it in terms of anything I could complain about.

Yesterday was the day we planned for Brayden's party. Had we known it would have been one of Oregon's first true spring days, we might have planned something entirely different, but knowing Oregon's Aprils, we planned accordingly and planned to take Brayden and seven of his closest buddies to see MONSTERS VS. ALIENS at the theater.

When I heard the weather was supposed to be as great as it was, I suggested to John that we might want to consider cleaning the patio up (i.e. pressure washing). John sprung onto that idea and got the job done in amazing and efficient fashion (between that success and our attic organizing, we're feeling pretty good!). It feels great to have an outdoor space we are happy with again, vs. preferring to keep the blinds over the sliding door closed as it looks so icky out there.

The day only got better once the boys arrived. I just love these kids. They've all been faithful friends since kindergarten or first grade and they are very fun and very nice. Brayden's played on sports teams with all of them, we appreciate all of their parents, I'm just so thankful for a group of guys that I can trust Brayden to hang with. (In contrast to a new problem with a new student who moved in down the street - that's stuff for another post, but it has caused me considerable stress). The only bummer is that Tanner Z. couldn't attend as he has already begun his baseball games. We missed him.

At one point, in the theater, I remarked to the group of them, "You guys are such great friends to Brayden" and Carson responded, "Well, Brayden's pretty great himself". Ahhhh. The guys all LOVED the movie - we'd given them a heads-up of this plan about a month ago, so none of them had seen it prior. It's probably the best 3-D movie I've ever seen.

When we returned there was enough time for some trampolining, brownie consumption and opening of presents. I guess since these boys are all routine "playdate" buddies, I felt no need to try to occupy them like I have in parties past. I guess I can chalk it up to just the right size of group and just the right kids......(In the candle blowing pic: Andrew, Traig, Kyle, Carson, Brayden, Tanner S., and Jack).

Of course, having Michele there (hence the reason Ellie is in the first pic - Michele's girls and Mikayla were able to attend) and John be such an extraordinary dad made it even better. Yes, a day to celebrate indeed.


Beverly said...

Happy Birthday Brayden!! That looks like a super fun time.

I completely know how you feel about your children's friends! We are blessed with great friends for both Josh and Roman and it makes a HUGE impact on us!

Lois Lane II said...

HAHA! Your trampoline is bulging, lol! It's so full!

Happy birthday to Brayden!!