Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm Tired Of......

-gray skies and rain. Today there was actually snow mixed in.
-laundry. As soon as it gets cleaned, it needs to put away - and then the process begins again.
-the 10 pound spare tire circling my waist.
-dieting because of that spare tire.
-being sore because of working out to rid myself of that spare tire.
-this economy.
-headaches, and shoulders/neck that feel like concrete that contribute to those headaches.
-waiting for answers.
-my own sinful nature that has me saying and doing things I know aren't right (but, yet, I do them anyway).
-Mikayla's endless cold/allergies - that poor girl hasn't breathed out of her nose in I can't remember when...
-Brayden's inability to focus. Going in to help in his classroom felt like walking into a playground.....which makes me so discouraged.
-school. While districts all around us cut back on end of the year days, we stick with our June 17th, which means our kids will be at school nearly a week and a half longer than our buddies at Springfield or Dallas.....
-my vehicle having "issues" - the latest occurring at the school today when it just won't allow the key to turn over. John and Travis will go take a look at it tonite. Fortunately, Mike (Koda's owner and Kyle's dad and Linda's neighbor and Brayden's basketball coach) was able to give us a ride home (we were preparing to walk).

How's that for a "Debbie Downer" post? I'm in one of those moods where that's what I'm dwelling on. Bummer, huh? However, because I know it is what God would want me to do, I'll try and turn each of these complaints into a new perspective....

I'm thankful.....
- for a weather forecast that calls for temps in the seventies this weekend.
- that we have plenty of clothes and a great washer and dryer.
- that I have had plenty of food to eat to be able to have a spare tire.
- that I have the knowledge to know how to eat right and resources to purchase proper food.
- that my body is healthy enough to work out - and with each of these sore muscles, it means they are growing and I'm gaining more metabolism.
- that we still have a job and paycheck in this economy (Oregon's unemployment is at 12% now!)
- that I have good medication for these headaches and a mom that is able to help me so much.
- for answers that have already come.
- for the Holy Spirit who makes me aware of things I need to change and work on.
- that allergies are all we need to worry about with Mikayla (please keep praying for Megan, her body is not producing [enough?] red blood cells now, she is very sick)
- for the playful spirit of my son and that next year he'll be better matched with a different teacher.
- that the kids have a school to go to - and a good one.
- that my vehicle has hung on as long as it has - and for a husband and friend who take care of me so well.

How about you? Anything you feel like complaining about right now? You don't even have to turn it around if you want to.....sometimes it just feels good to vent.


Growin' with it! said...

aww man, i was totally revved up to pour out all my *woe list* tomorrow on our walk. now i have all night to think of the positives. way to encourage me sweet friend! ☺

Anonymous said...

I'm just tired. And tired of being tired. And I'm tired of getting caught in the middle of family disagreements. Why can't they just work it out themselves?

Thanks for letting me vent - yes - I do feel better!

Your current weather is sending snow and rain our way this weekend. You can just say "Rain Rain go away, go down Colorado way!"

StephieAnne said...


You need the rain/snow. While our current standings are even a little low for precipitation - it can stay low as far as I'm concerned! We need SUNSHINE!!!

Linda - great profile pic - and I want to hear the venting without the Pollyanna slant - that's what I plan on bringing your way during our walk!

Colie said...

Actually - while most of the time I do feel like complaining, this week I just feel blessed.

Thankful for a husband who works (and still has a job) so I can stay home with my kids.

Thankful that, while I would love to do other non mom related things, I feel 100% certain this is where I need to be.

Thankful that my son loves to garden and therefore has motivated me to be outside more.

Thankful for a little girl who is getting her molars and still sleeping fairly well.

Thankful for your post because it gives people permission to be grumpy and motivation to turn those woes into blessings.

Lois Lane II said...

Awww...I sympathize. Sadly, though, I think my complaint list would be lots longer than my thankful list, especially if I thought for just a few mins of what needed to be on it! =)

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Anonymous said...

ahhhh, what an encouragement to turn that frown upside down! i wish i could be more positive like that when i'm down in the dumps!

Beverly said...

Hey Steph - thanks for the Megan update on your comment on my blog. I will continue to pray for that little sweetie!

And, so thankful for my healthy children!