Wednesday, April 08, 2009

A Glorious Day

The weather has turned cold and ugly again - gray and rainy. Yup, that's spring in Oregon. But, on Sunday, it was still beautiful, so we took a family bike ride. (On that ride, Mikayla was on the Trail-a-bike behind mine; good thing, as it was a very long ride).

We're very lucky in that the city we live in really values its bicyclists, runners, and outdoor enthusiasts in general. As a result, we have a beautiful trail that is accessible less than a mile from our house that follows both sides of the Willamette River for quite a ways. Each time I go, I marvel at the beauty of the river and wonder what little wildlife surprises will be waiting for me. This time, it was baby Canadian Geese and families of turtles. These pics were taken with John's cell phone, so they aren't super, but needless to say, it proved what a great family day we had on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

those are great pics from a cell phone! what a great way to enjoy the outdoors! i wish i lived near a trail like that. we have to drive to something remotely close to that. i'm glad we're not the only ones that have to get while the gettin' is good with the day it's spring the next it's more like winter!

Lois Lane II said... precious! I love the little fuzzy duckling. And this was from your CELL phone?? That's amazing!