Tuesday, April 07, 2009

He Is a TEN Year Old Now!

I've been procrastinating getting this post up - I've been in denial and if I put it in cyberspace print, then it's official; and I have to accept the reality that my baby is a decade old now.

I think Brayden had a great day yesterday. We started out at Market of Choice for doughnuts for breakfast before school and ended with Red Robin and a free birthday kids' meal. In between, Daddy brought him Quizno's for lunch and he was being begged to be part of both of the teams choosing to be on their side for the football game during recess. (Which has to be a huge ego booster for a 4th grade boy).

Afterschool, we were asked to go for a bike ride with Kenady's family to Jamba Juice - can't turn that one down on a 71 degree day in Oregon (especially with the birthday gift card he just got). That was wonderful with the exception of poor Mikayla's bike tires being almost completely flat... she was working so hard, her dear face was so red!

On the way home, Brayden took the lead, and as I was at the rear of the pack with Mikayla, he soon got out of sight from me. The route home was basic and safe enough, but I've never permitted him to do that before. I yelled out to Johnna that "I guess this 'letting go' is what happens when he turns 10". She thought that was terribly sad, but I am comforted by the knowledge that my boy is just as much Brayden today as he was when he was nine......but sigh, this kids growing up thing is a hard reality indeed!


Lois Lane II said...

Re: I know!! I cannot WAIT for Green. It better be good. =)

Anonymous said...

awwwww, happy birthday to your 'little' boy! it goes by so fast...i can't believe my son is 2!!!!! i have a ways to go to get to 10, but i'm sure i'll feel the same as you! sounds like a great birthday day for him, lots of yummy food he enjoyed!

TAWNYA said...

Um, try married and turning 24 next month! Seriously, happy birthdy Brayden. You'll get used to it Steph. Just look at the fantastic job you've done as parents to raise such a great kid. Good job.

Anonymous said...

Moving into double digits! Hope it was a happy b-day Brayden!