Monday, November 03, 2008

In a Better Place

At 6:36 pm, Patrick Joseph Riley went to be with the Lord. He had all three of his sons by his side, two of his daughter-in-laws were able to say their good-byes, and 2 of his 4 grandchildren were also able to bid him farewell. I took the kids home at around 5, they were absolutely exceptional during the 2 and a half hours they were there, doing their homework without complaint, quietly playing their DS games (with headphones) and staying subdued and respectful. They really seemed to grasp the whole scenario - in so many ways, they drive me crazy with how silly they can be - and self-centered, and then, times like today I realize when it comes to the big picture situations, they really do get it.

After we left, the nurse commented that he seemed to be hanging on for some reason. It dawned on the boys to call Pat's brother, Mike, who lives in another state. They put John's cell phone up to Pat's ear and encouraged Mike to talk to him. Before that phone call even ended, Pat passed on. As I spoke to John just now, I remarked that when I said my good-bye to him with Mikayla, his eyelid seemed to scrunch tighter, as if acknowledging me. They say hearing is the last to go, and I believe his case is yet another example that he knew enough, to recognize when he finally achieved the closure he desired and could go on to finally be with Jesus.


TAWNYA said...

Thank you for posting Stephanie. I've been thinking about your family all night, just praying for peace. I'm glad it finally came and you all got to say your goodbyes. At the time that my parents passed I didn't realize just how final death is. I wish that I had done things differently and of course, there's no going back. I'll continue to pray for your family. God bless those little ones of yours, they do understand, don't they?


richard said...

Hi Steph!

Looks like a lot of people are going home lately. Don't know if you have been folloing my blog at all, but please read these posts and comments:

Pass my regards to your family and know that John's dad is truelyhome now!

Anonymous said...

Steph and John,

I'm so sorry for your loss and yet so happy for Pat's gain. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Stephanie - it is so wonderful that you allowed your children the honor of saying goodbye. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Stephietoo said...

I am feeling so much love for you guys right now, yet so little words are coming to my mind. I am glad Travis got to come over last night and spend a little bit of time with John. We love you guys so very much, and are so sorry for your loss. We love you, Travie and Stephie

Growin' with it! said...

i didn't know you were going thru this. sounds beautiful that everyone...even long distance were there to send him home. i remember the nurse saying that same thing about my mom. in this case it was my brother. it is really amazing how a person's spirit still lives strong no matter how the body fails us. praying you and your hubby, kids are comforted today.