Friday, November 07, 2008

Enough Already!

How long is November? Just 30 days? That's good, one less day than normal... 'cuz so far this month has offered day after day of disappointment, challenge, or loss. Maybe it's just the first week that will be like that, one can only hope.

The "straw that broke the camels' back" came around 10:30 when Brayden began throwing up last night. At first, because he complained of his throat hurting, I figured he was just getting what Mikayla had first, and I have now practically lost my voice from - a nasally, respiratory thing. But, when the first episode recurred four more times over the next four hours, well, I think there's more to it than gagging on a bit of mucus build-up.... (sorry, TMI). Hmmm, well, how are we going to work a sick kiddo in to my busy Friday schedule? John began reciting from the Bible at one point, "Consider it pure joy my friends when we experience trials....." hmmm, I'm still a ways off from feeling the joy.

But, as inspired as I am by Bonnie's efforts at 30 Days of Thankfulness, I'd like to add a few things that I've found myself thankful for in these "trials of many kinds".

- Brayden was an amazing sport about being sick. He could have handled it a lot differently, and yet he was very sweet. That makes a big difference when it comes to a dad and mom's willingness to help out.

- Speaking of Dad, he handled the worst of it last night. He was the first one on the scene and took care of the initial clean-up. What a guy.

- Mom worked on me on Wednesday and yesterday was the first day without even turning to Advil in a while. I think my muscles did a little tensing up after last night, but I am so thankful for her gifts and talents in helping to get my body back to a state where it doesn't hurt so much.

- The men (in particular) in John's life who have really stepped up to encourage him this week. There have been a couple of guys, especially, who have really touched his heart with their support and it's meant a ton to him.

- After the indulgence of the Halloween festivities, I set out to really try hard this week in eating restrictively and working out. I've even done a daily food journal. The scales were kind this morning, (I haven't weighed in a long time) and that feels like quite an accomplishment.

I'm sure I'll come up with more. Of course, I'm most thankful that things aren't worse, that we are blessed in many ways with an amazing family and friends. But, here's to hoping November makes a turn for the better...


HollieHobbie said...

oooo I may do 30 days of Thankfulness. Good one, Bonnie!
But don't hold your breath. I find myself more on Facebook lately than on Blogspot.

So sorry that Brayden is sick. So not fun!

Remember how I used to get stressed out if my calendar was not full of things to do? Now I get stressed out if it is!

JustMe said...

Steph - thinking of you and your family. I liked karabeagle's reminder on my blog that it's the hard times that show you what you're made of. It sounds like you and John are drawing strength from God, each other, and friends, and still searching for the blessings....hang in there.

I'm sure you didn't find it funny but the "consider it all joy" reading cracked me up. :) Sometimes when I'm feeling low and God brings those passages to mind I just look up at him and think, You've gotta be kidding me!

TAWNYA said...

Hang in there Steph. You are much stronger than you think and you CAN do ALL of this.

Like justme, I too have been thinking about your family, particularly John and his "loss of the dream". That's a big one and tough to wrap your arms around. Just stay close to the Lord and He'll make things clear. But you know that as you and your family do it so eloquently.

Sorry for little Brayden, but what maturity he's showing. Good job Brayden.

Have a good weekend. GO DUCKS!

Growin' with it! said...

hey and its not halloween weekend with all the candy out there drawing you got to enjoy it before all this!

man what a bummer. and let me tell ya, the throw up routine...well just hang in there sister...i gag at stinky farts! turn! ;o)

Colie said...

It sounds like a downer month. isn't it funny - november hit and the rain began! October was beautiful! Hopefully we still have some beautiful days (this is literally and metaphorically speaking). praying for you all.

great job on the workingout/eating. i gave myself until today and I'm sure i gained 5 pounds. ok - actually monday 'cause randy's b.d. is tomorrow. i have lots of work to do - you are my inspiration!

beeeeeeeee said...

My mom says things like "count it all joy" to me sometimes and it makes me want to scream! :-)

I hope your Sunday becomes a beautiful day of rejuvenation for you.

As always, I'm praying for you.

beeeeeeeee said...

By they way, what does your mom do?