Thursday, November 20, 2008

Morning Email to Michele

I just got done sending a sad, but accurate email to Michele about how my night went - I actually thought it would make a decent blog post (at least for posterity sake in terms of laughing at it all). It was written to Michele, so keep that in mind in terms of "voice"...


Last night was a fun one - let me tell you about it.

Up until the point I talked to you, it had been a good day. John got home, had his (only so-so) enchiladas and we watched and thoroughly enjoyed CHUCK. Man, LOVE that show. I was a little bothered by the giant size house fly buzzing around my head, but no biggie.

My stomach felt a little off (shouldn't have eaten those bar-b-q chicken pieces of Mikayla), so I had Russian Tea and nothing else, but after CHUCK decided to have some Ritz crackers to settle things. Halfway through BIGGEST LOSER, my stomach is aching, and since everyone is sleep deprived, I beg John to send us all to bed at 8 and watch the second half tomorrow. He reluctantly agreed.

By this time, my stomach is feeling worse - I couldn't find relief. Then I hear BUZZZZZZZ - that stupid fly is in our room and I'm so incapacitated I can't fight it off. LOVELY.

Minutes - then an hour pass and I'm fighting that head battle of "do I throw up and find relief, or try to fight it off and go to sleep". This wouldn't be much of a story if I chose the latter - so yup, there's me at the porcelain throne again. Tasting things like bar-b-q chicken and Russian tea on the way up is SO NASTY. But, yes I did feel better and managed to clean the underside of our toilet seat as I had a nice look of just how gross it's looking these days.

SO, I go back to bed, feeling better, but not quite asleep. You'd think since I was awake since 3:30 yesterday morning it wouldn't have been a problem.... Then, I hear noises in the living room. Yes, that would be our mouse-friend, don't think I've mentioned that - John saw him this week when he went out to the living room when he was unable to sleep. We think he enters and exits through the hole in the wall for the cable feed behind the lone chair in our living room. (Which would explain why Bogey finds that area so interesting) That's where it sounded. Okay, I know it's a little cute mouse, but that's just freaky to listen to. I went and drug Sydney out of her peaceful slumber and made her go in the dark living room. Yes, her ears perked a bit when she heard the scratching, but she just wanted to go back to sleep. YEAH, me too, dog.

Then, I decide to bring Syd in the bedroom - she should at least keep it from getting on my bed if she's at my side- listen to a few more unsettling sounds, and then, OH CRUD, it dawns on me that John had sent an email alert yesterday, reminding us to call MARRIOTT at 6am on the 20th (TODAY) to reserve our unit for next year for prime trade-off value. I thought it was the actual morning of Thanksgiving, but knew I couldn't screw this up, so, yup, I got up, turned on the lights in advance - and looked it up. You got it - call promptly at 6am on the 20th. Lovely, I guess I'll be setting that alarm for 5ish as I'll need to review what I'm actually doing before I call. [This is an essential thing for us to secure in order to someday get to Disneyworld in 2010]

Did I mention the frequent ear-thumping through all of this - (and yes, what has me awake before my alarm?!).

Let me just say, GOOD TIMES! My stomach is still not happy - that chicken really was a huge step backwards, but I don't anticipate any more upheavals.

Alrighty, I hope you slept better than me. I really need to get some stuff done today (house cleaned and labels) before the STONE SOUP which I think I might be passing on partaking in. You have a good one - gotta research my Marriott!

Love you!


Growin' with it! said...

thoughts racing, stomach churning, mouse freaking you out. poor thing. when will this naughty stuff leave you alone. boo hoo for you. just wanted you to know i feel bad for you today and i hope you at least get a nap in before school's out!

StephieAnne said...

AH, the naps are what got me in trouble in the first place - and had me awake at 3:30 yesterday morning! Gotta get back into the right rhythm! I killed the fly - that's progress, didn't get the week I reserved, but the next best thing (complicated process) and am now sitting down to type up the GIVING TREE labels.

Thanks for your lovin'!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - I'm praying that all this will completely pass for you. And SOON!!

Anonymous said...

Do you see that, Bonnie's wanting you to "pass" all of this instead of it being an "upheaval." How mean....

Oh Steph, someday this will seem more humorous, especially in light of the thanfulness post just the day before. It must be taking an awful lot of your strength just to make lists like that these days.

I thought mice could be tolerated in my laundry room last year until they immediately set down roots (they had a king's ransom of dog food to eat out of the bag) and invited all their friends and had 10 million babies. Then I watched a show where I learned that they pretty much trail pee everywhere they go as a "scent trail" for their friends. G-ROSS. I would advise John (I doubt you're out shopping much these days) to get a mousetrap and set it next to that hole before you go to bed, or else fill the hole with steel wool (they won't chew through it).

I know how much you love food - you must be missing it these days - or miss only tasting it once, not twice! (Oh I am mean too.) Good news, though, you should be better in time for all the gluttony of the holidays. :) Feel better SOON.

StephieAnne said...

Thanks everyone! Steel wool, huh? As in SOS pads? I'm really not doing that bad, just tired and not ready to eat today. Yesterday I ran all around town feeling 100% so taking that into context, I really was able to kind of chuckle at yesterday. (Except the yucky parts).

Mikayla is very concerned about setting traps, but we've been down this road before at the other houses we've lived in and no that "ignoring it" is not a good option.