Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Floor Wars

Just call me Simon Cowell (or probably more appropriately one of the names of the "Dancing with Stars" judges, but since I don't know their names...)... Yesterday I got to be an honorary judge for the Trinity House (a former sorority house that houses collegiate ladies who attend FBC) as they had a "Dance Off" as part of their on-going floor wars (2nd floor vs. 3rd floor).

I was looking forward to every part of it except the timing - the event didn't begin until 9:30...ahhh! That's an hour after I usually go to bed! Not to mention I was trying every tool in my arsenal to fight off a nasty headache from about 3pm on.... But, God is faithful, by the time I arrived at the Trinity House, the headache was gone.

My fellow judges were Toni (who cooks for the ladies), Amy, and the house "mom", Mary Ann. Fortunately, when it came time to deliberation, we all saw eye to eye - a very fun group of gals.

The performances were actually very impressive, especially considering the inside knowledge I had that they really didn't begin until this weekend to work on them. The first group (3rd floor), began with a ballet number to the accompaniment of Amy Grant Christmas music (which earned them points by me right off the bat) and then turned into a hip hop number after a scene in which one of the girls sits on "Santa's" lap and is challenged to "mix it up". Very fun - they also did a bit of sucking up to the judges at the end.

I was sweating it a bit, because my girl, Kara, was in the 2nd floor group and I thought, "I hope they are good, because 3rd floor set the bar pretty high". We were not disappointed. The performance began with ribbon twirling - to "Joyful, Joyful" - the "Sister Act 2" version! Um, don't even know if I can count how many times I've seen that movie....love it! Their performance followed closely to the final performance act within the movie.

While we were impressed with 3rd floor's creative and original storyline, the award ended up going to 2nd floor for their more "complete" performance. I felt good crushing half the houses feelings knowing that the group that put more time into practicing actually won.

I left the house with a huge ol' smile on my face thinking about what an amazing place that house is and how blessed those ladies are to have each other and all of the bonding activities that they do. I'm really not sure I could deal with that much "chick-drama" that would inevitably be part of the mix, but I'm very happy to be an "honorary" guest any time.
(special thanks to Kaela Lee for all the pictures pulled from Facebook....)


Family O'Foxes said...

That looked like a fun time. :)

I wish this place had of been around when I went to the U of O (or maybe it was and I was unaware).

Anonymous said...

You would be the lovely and talented (and always very well-spoken) Carrie Ann Inaba from Dancing with the Stars... :-)

That looks like a blast!

(And thanks for your comment to me about the holidays. I'm talking with my hubby about it over lunch tomorrow. I'll be interested to see if he is willing to go against family expectations. Not that we want to take away from family, obviously. I just want to "take back the holidays". KWIM? Thanks for the encouragement!)

StephieAnne said...

Thanks Bonnie - and I'll be praying for that conversation and the decisions you make - I just want it to be a special time for the three of you this weekend!

And, no Amy, this place wasn't around back then - they had the "AO" House (Alpha Omega) for guys, but not a ladies house...