Thursday, January 10, 2008

My "Little Seth's" Wedding

First of all, I'm extremely relieved as Mikayla just brought over her "reading homework" and successfully navigated a very simple story (Tig is it. Tig tags doll....). She did it. I think we can say she is a reader now, even if it serves her interest better to pretend she isn't so we'll read for her. Yeah Mikayla! Thanks for helping me cross off (at least for now) one of the items on my worry list.

Second of all, big apologies for the quality of these pics. The first one was taken on John's i-phone and the others were taken with a friends' camera that doesn't handle dark situations very well. But, she caught some great moments, and they are worth recording.

Last Saturday night we attended Seth and Jana's wedding. Who is Seth? Well, this AGES me big time, but he was a student in the years I taught 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Actually, I taught 6th, 7th, and then 6th again, but he volunteered to be my student helper when he was an 8th grader (graded papers for me), and let me just say it feels like yesterday that I was handing him the yellow assignment sheets to check into the gradebook.

Seth was the sweetest kid, and hasn't changed a bit. His father is a pastor at our church and after Seth graduated, he worked at Target so we would run into him often. Mikayla loved seeing him as he would flirt with her and spin her around.

Over the last year or so, I've noticed him attending church with a pretty girl, and finally got the scoop. I was thrilled to hear about their engagement and was determined to attend the wedding. He was one of my all-time favorite kids- I had to witness his huge jump into being a full-on adult.

There's another guy in these pictures and his name is Hunter. He happens to be the boyfriend of the girl that took these pictures (though, clearly, Mikayla is hoping to give her a run for her money). And that girl happens to be Jeanenne who is the daughter of our collegiate pastor, Corey, the man, more or less responsible for bringing John and I together (also the one who married us). So, if Corey thought Hunter was good enough for his daughter (intern with the high school ministry, program staff at Camp Harlow), I felt I could trust him with my kiddos too. He absolutely "made" the reception for them - particularly Mikayla. It was all very precious.

Oh, one more thing - beginning right before the wedding and lasting through most of the reception, it snowed here in the valley - it was so pretty seeing it come down through the top ceiling windows at Harlow - glistening through the outside lamps. That's the sort of thing you could never plan for your wedding here, I think it was a special gift only God could bring to their wedding.....

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Anonymous said...

Love the arm wrestling shots!

I have to agree, snowfall would be a miraculous addition to any western Oregon wedding. How cool for them.