Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Happy Birthday My Love!

It's John's 39th today. The last birthday for this decade........sigh. Actually, he's the guy that's wanted to be 40 for as long as I've known him - excited for the grey hair and to be old and wise..... He's accomplished it all, I'd say!

Here's some pics of us at Red Robin tonite. Unfortunately the mascot was there, so poor Steph felt a little terrorized (she has a phobia of people in costumes....), but the rest of us had a great time. If only one picture is up when you post, 3 more should eventually show up, but John's camera phone isn't quick to cooperate and my headache is demanding me to lay down.

In the meantime, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY LOVE - you are more than I could have ever dreamed of!


HollieHobbie said...

Happy Birthday, John!

Stephietoo said...

Happy Birthday Bro! Thanks for letting Trav and I share the special dinner with you guys. Although Red was there, I still had a great time. Although, you need to teach your kids about how it isn't nice to tease people who have phobias. :o) (Both K-Bear and Brayden kept pointing out Red whenever he was in eye shot of us.) Thank you Brayden and Travis for letting me sit in between the two of you so I didn't have to be on the end where Red could get to me.

Fun night guys. Steph, I hope your headache is better today. Love you!

mtnrunR said...

happy birthday john. i remember the day you and jeff were born. 4lbs 12 ozs you were and jeff 2 lbs 14 ozs. two months premature. snowed 36" in eugene in 24 hrs. what a day.