Saturday, January 26, 2008

"The Good, the Bad, and the Guilty"

So, here you go - a look at the dirtiest, foulest, most malevolent group of outlaws you've ever seen - each of them filled with enough lies, deceit, and treachery to take out the town judge:

I won't tell you "who did it" - that just wouldn't be fun if you ever choose to play this game, but rest assured, everyone had motives, and certainly not all was what it seemed to be upon first introductions.

With that said, I can't recommend enough these sorts of games for a guaranteed good time. The only catch is that you have to limit it to 8 people, which is always a bummer as we have such fun people in our lives that we would have loved to include. As I said before, John and I have thoroughly enjoyed doing these in the past, and for years have suggested others give it a try. Nobody took our bait, though, so we decided to host again, and share the love of the game with a bunch of murder mystery rookies.

This time, though, we might have chosen our friends too well as they blew us away with their costumes and performances - making my "Helena Handcart" impersonation look downright shabby. Hats off to Lisa and Nancy for going "over the top" with their get-ups. And, as for the most exceptional use of props - the award would go to my hubby: "Chief Passing Wind" - He rented the costume and even found a "fartinator" that uses a remote control to emit the sounds of unfortunate "passing gas" accidents. I didn't even know he had it, and the first time he used it was when we were ready to take a group picture and even I was impressed with his talent of choosing just the right moment to "toot". I eventually caught on knowing that even someone as well-practiced at this bodily function couldn't time it that perfectly. What a gas!!!!!

Fun, fun, fun - if you ever get a chance to do one of these - don't pass it up!


HollieHobbie said...

fun, fun, fun! And only you could pull it off so perfectly. I am remembering the "Who Killed Santa" party that you hosted for us.

Colie said...

I only know about these things because of you and Michele! I really have never met anyone else to do such a thing.

How fun! It looks like you guys had a ball! Perhaps someday I will test the waters:-).