Friday, January 18, 2008

From the Bookshelf: "The Restorer's Son"

I'm starting a new recurring post about the books I'm reading. Unlike many of my blog-buddies, I do not consume books nearly as fast as my counter-parts. And, almost all of the books I'll be listing will be fiction. But, if it's just for my sake to help me remember, "Have I read this or not?", I'm going to give a quick, "Here's my thoughts" on some of the more noteworthy books I'm reading. (And maybe, just maybe I'll pull some of you into the "darkside" of the fun of Christian fiction fantasy or sci-fi! - hee-hee)

TITLE: The Restorer's Son, 2nd of The Sword of Lyric Series
AUTHOR: Sharon Hinck
GENRE: Christian fiction-fantasy
HERE'S MY THOUGHTS: This series is written in first person, which is something that's usually caused me to bypass books in the past. However, this second book flips between two people (as identified at the start of each chapter), which makes it quite interesting. The first book of the series was the story of the "average soccer mom" who stumbles upon a "portal" in her attic and is transported to a world similar to ours where she becomes a "restorer" (warrior/leader) to the people. This book continues on that story line.
INSIGHTS I'VE GAINED: That God has a plan for everything, but sometimes it makes no sense at all to us. All things can be used for His glory. He longs for an intimate relationship with us - that we would simply trust Him - yield and surrender.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering, have you read any of the Lord of the Trees books by William Burt? They're an obvious copycat of the Lord of the Rings but still pretty good, and I enjoy the analogies to the Bible. I'm on the third book right now.

StephieAnne said...

No, but they sound good - I'll have to look into it.....