Monday, May 08, 2006

More Mikayla-isms

MIKAYLA: I need to watch that show, what's it called? With the two girls who go to camp?
ME: Parent Trap? (we've watched it a lot recently)
MIKAYLA: Yeah, I need to watch it a lot, you know why?
ME: No, why?
MIKAYLA: So I can learn how to be a twin.

MIKAYLA: (In the middle of watching a movie) I'm going to pray now and then we are going to turn of the tv and be quiet, OK?
ME: (Hardly listening) Sure
MIKAYLA: Prays a very heartfelt prayer, then looks at me and says - Now I am going to say "1,2,3 Quiet" and we're going to be really quiet, OK?
ME: OK (she has my attention now)
MIKAYLA: 1,2,3 QUIET! -long pause- Huh? I don't hear anything! Miss Paula said that if we pray and be really quiet we can hear Jesus talk to us - I don't hear Him talking to me....
ME: Oh honey, sometimes it's more like a feeling than hearing a voice - it's like a hug for your heart
MIKAYLA: Yeah, but Miss Paula said we could HEAR Jesus.
ME: Yes, I know, but sometimes hearing Him is more like feeling Him - do you feel anything special?
MIKAYLA: smiling, but not quite satisfied.... I guess......

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