Saturday, May 20, 2006

Garage Sales

There are some who regard garage sales with passion, eagerly anticipating the season and scouring the classifieds. That's not me. I'm the sort of person who finds garage sales, in general, too "hit and miss" - not worth the drive to find the place or the discomfort of perusing someone's belongings and walking away empty-handed as if I was too good for their stuff. Now, having been on the opposite end of the cash "tackle box", I never feel that way when people leave without purchasing, but somehow, I still feel bad.

However, once a year, on this particular weekend - a certain "upper middle class" neighborhood hosts a multiple street garage sale within their housing development. Several years ago, I was able to attend and found some great things. Houses upon houses have treasures displayed and people are everywhere. I don't need to drive to find each place, I can simply walk around amidst the masses, never worrying if I offend without buying.

This year, two "gifted" garage salers who happen to be good friends of mine, extended an invitation to attend, "if I could keep up". I have a very fast paced walk and do not linger while shopping, so I said "yes", figuring I could hold my own. And, just for the record, I kept up just fine, thank you very much! I didn't walk away with a trunkload of treasures, but we did find a "trail-a-bike" in great condition for $10 for Michele - less than the price she could rent it to use next weekend in Sunriver. That was a steal. I also scored a few kids' items, and a "Courtney" coat for $10 (which, if you know Courtney, means it was at LEAST 10 times more than that when purchased new).

Sadly, John felt very left out from my adventures this morning, so he decided to hold his own with both kids and do his own garage saling. He found the most useful purchase of the day, a treadmill.... The whole family has already tested it out and found it to meet our approval. Given our newfound Cold Stone Creamery weekly habits, this purchase is a very good thing. (Hence the picture.....)

What is the best purchase you have ever made at a garage sale?


HollieHobbie said...

I have the same sentiment regarding yard sales as you do. But I o remember heading to probably the same area for their annual yard sale a few years ago and you said "I am looking for a leather loveseat" AND YOU FOUND IT!!! I never have that luck! I come away with junk that I really don't need.
Anyways, my best find? Well, I did get a Henredon chair for $50. But that isn't too exciting. I want to find the Tupperware organizational system for $20 like Christy did. Oh, man, that is one girls who does really well yardsaling!

StephieAnne said...

Christy and Nancy - yes, those are the 2 experts.

Actually, Hollie - I didn't find the loveseat at a garage sale - we purchased it a wholesaler direct location. But I did find the two perfect bean bags I was looking for - that's probably my best find, outside of the trail-a-bike.