Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day!

(We totally forgot the camera at our Mothers' Day pedicure, so we had to just settle on a great picture of Mom with Mikayla)

We love you so much!
In light of Mother’s Day, we wanted to post a blog in appreciation of your tremendous gifts of motherhood.
Undoubtedly, we have lived our 33 years knowing unconditional, overflowing love from our mom each and every day. We have also known unconditional support, encouragement, and enthusiasm for our paths in life – especially now that we are on our own. As our eyes open wider to the real world with each passing year; as our naivety dwindles as to what many challenges “real families” must suffer and endure, we acknowledge and praise God that we were raised in a family where love was constant. Where chocolate chip cookies were baked for our friends who followed us home after school. Where good grades were appreciated, but more importantly, we were taught that to do our best is the greater value. Where we were reminded countless times that “respect from friends is far more important than popularity”. Where Mom and Dad’s marriage was set apart as priority and divorce was never an option. Where our talents (and sometimes lack there-of ☺) were ALWAYS treasured – it was a rare experience indeed when mom wasn’t in the front row of the cheering section for our latest “favorite” activity. Where Friday night pizza, movies, and ice cream as a family (often with a friend or two invited along) was the norm – even as seniors in high school. Where camping trips, snowmobile excursions, Disneyland experiences, fishing successes and “Farkel family” pick-up adventures were celebrated and made possible with tremendous preparation and hard work. Where holiday traditions were formed and are still repeated annually some 30 years later – now incorporating our children as well. Where mother/daughter giggles surfaced at the craziest times and have only become more frequent with each passing year. Where honor, integrity, loyalty, and compassion were modeled and reinforced. Where family was defined as the greatest testimony of a life well lived.
This Mother’s Day we thank-you – not only for your efforts and grace that made our childhood and youth so incredible, but for the ongoing strength of your character that we still look to as such an exceptional example.
Bless you Mom for all that you are!
We love you so much!
Michele and Stephanie
(a special blog entry authored by Chele)

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