Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Drive-In

Michele and Michael just happen to live near one of the last remaining Drive In Theaters in Oregon. When we found out that it was featuring Mission Impossible III Friday night - the temptation was too strong to pass up. After a very rushed dinner we set the guys out to save two spots- both of the guys' vehicles. The plan was to have the kids watch a kid-friendly DVD in the player in John's vehicle, while us adults snuggled up in the back of Michael's truck. (The vehicles were within arm length of each other...) The plan actually worked great until the last 30 minutes of the movie in which 4 of the 5 kiddos started bawling because they wanted to be with us. No problem, I'm sure we can fit 8 people up next to us against the cab of the truck. (And, children, you'll need to hide your eyes for a few of these scenes). All but Brayden fell immediately asleep - it was incredibly cozy. That's what family memories are all about.

A few movie reviews:

Mission Impossible 3 - My favorite out of the trilogy, although the first 5 minutes are VERY intense. (What else would you expect?) Tom Cruise, for all of his faults, definitely knows how to pull off the action hero in peril.

Fun with Dick and Jane - We rented this and the next movie, Saturday night. I enjoyed it quite a bit - a good date night movie for John and I. Worth the $3.79 we paid to rent it.

50 First Dates - I know, very vintage, but we'd never watched it. It was a lot deeper than I anticipated. Drew Barrymore's memory loss condition has actually had my mind whirling with how awful that would be. I didn't expect to cry, but I did during the last scene. Then again, it is very much that time of the month.....


LiteraryGirl said...

Ok, I own 50 First Dates and love it. In fact, I just watched it a few weeks ago...again. You coulda borrowed mine! I'm with you...the movie really made me think after I saw it the first time. I found it incredibly sad and heartwarming...such a great ending. Definitely my favorite Sandler movie...ok, after Spanglish.

Fun with Dick and Jane...ok. Not great.

I do want to see MI3. Despite Crazy Cruise, I have heard it is the best of the 3 and I liked the other 2.

HollieHobbie said...

How fun to go to a drive-in. Just a little while ago I thought how fun it would be to go to one. I wonder if Salem is the closest one for us???
Great COZY pics!
I expected nothing less.