Monday, January 02, 2006

Unexpected Surprises

This year, I had great expectations of buying beautiful bulbs and planting them all over so that this time of year, when I'm ready for a token emergence of spring (albeit way too early), I'd begin to see it. But, the excitement over Disneyland, Halloween, Thanksgiving and preparing for Christmas took over and I never got around to it.

That's a bummer, because on days like today when I tackled the bittersweet chore of packing up all of the Christmas decor, I thought about that "never gotten around to" chore - and really wished I had. This is NOT my favorite time of year, but I embrace it because 1.) I have no choice and 2.) it represents fresh starts and new beginnings. I always start my "resolutions" which are almost always the generic "get healthier spiritually and physically" on the first Monday after New Years, so today was fitting that all the Christmas and Harvest decor got packed and the "springier - until Harvest" decor got displayed. It feels good, the trees were tired and we always appreciate the "airiness" and extra room it feels like we have when all goes down. But, abstaining from the treats that have made me happy for so long hasn't been that much fun.

Fast forward a few hours - as I was taking a bag of garbage outside, out of the corner of my eye, I spotted something "sprouting" from the ground. I kept walking to the garbage bin, but inside my mind was whirling and I was really beginning to smile. The bulbs that I had planted two years ago, and begged the landscapers to save last year, were making their presence known again. After dumping the garbage, I ran over to the corner by our front entry and did a more careful inspection. My theory was accurate - 6 or 7 bulbs were emerging.

What a sweet surprise. God knew that was something I wanted, but didn't expect, but he blessed me nonetheless. So, it is with grace.

However, next year, any readers I have are welcome to challenge me to get to work in October planting bulbs...... it means a whole lot to see "fresh beginnings" happening elsewhere in a time that feels especially overwhelming. (It's a long way until June.....)

I wish you all the very best success in your self-set challenges and new endeavors for 2006.......and lots of very special unexpected surprises too.


HollieHobbie said...

How fun, Steph! Okay, we can be Bulb Buddies. I have great intentions every Fall to plant bulbs to also get that fresh, colorful feeling in the Springish time....haven't done it in forever, So all to say, I will try to remind you next October.
Next: how to make this time of year "Happy". You are great with parties, so plan a Valentine's Party for your kids. Plan a fun, fun, fun Valentines for you and John. Have an Easter egg hunt whenever Easter is. Look forward to Hawaii! yea! I guess maybe celebrate ALL of the Holidays between now and Summer.
or......begin drinking heavily morning, noon and night, which seems to be the only thing I have energy for right now....;)
It was GREAT seeing you last Thursday! XOXO

StephieAnne said...

I think I should just plan on going to Disneyworld with you....