Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Recent Thoughts About What's on TV

The one good thing about January (with this deluge of rain - I'm trying to be postive about something...) is that familiar shows return with new episodes and new programs begin that you've waited all year for. This leads me to list what we've been enjoying on tv lately-

Sunday nights - can't help but enjoy every episode I've watched of Extreme Home Makeover. I could pass up Desperate Housewives - I personally don't think it's as trashy as its reputation, but it's also not something we need on either. I have gotten hooked to Gray's Anatomy, however. The characters are so lovable - I just wish they'd give us a happy ending every now and then.

Monday nights - The Bachelor has started again. I think this is the classiest bachelor they've picked (from what I've seen so far) - I think he's learned from the past guys on how to not look like a womanizing fool. I'm rooting for Sarah from Tennessee.

Tuesday nights - American Idol starts up again tonight! Always a nice show to not hesitate to have your kids in the room with you. It's a cozy one for John and I to laugh with.

Wednesday nights - Lost. Those writers are amazing. This is definitely a show that the kids shouldn't be around for, though, because you want to be able to catch every single syllable as to not miss anything. I admit, John and I also enjoy Invasion - it got us hooked, and with satellite tv in which we watch everything from 5pm-8pm (instead of 8-11), we have time to watch it.

Thursday nights - nothing now - still waiting for Survivor to start up.

Friday nights - nothing now - but, I would love to catch a certain show starring Amy Grant if they were to visit a certain family I know in Dallas......

Saturday nights - nothing

Supernanny is also a show I'd love to catch, but I'm not even sure when that is aired these days. Also, I'll enjoy the return of Amazing Race. The family version didn't catch me, so I hope they go back to couples.

A few additional thoughts on last night's Golden Globes- Reese Witherspoon is a class act - so glad she won and her acceptance speech was beautiful in regards to her family. Jessica Alba is beautiful - The guy from The Office who won cracked me up with his speech that supposedly his wife wrote.

So, this whole post is very superficial - and full of personal opinions. You gotta be a little creative when the weather is this bad and there's so little to do but stay home and clean house. Stay dry everyone!


HollieHobbie said...

We watch alot of Law and Order (where I get my detective expertise from), Crossing Jordan(Sunday nights I feel like a medical examiner/detective too), Las Vegas (could see myself in Vegas after watching this) When I get into Kingpin, then you all need to be worried! haha
I also love Lost, tried the Invasion thing and the Surface thing.

StephieAnne said...

I forgot about Alias - I've lost track of this whole season, but do not want to miss the series finale.... (maybe I'll catch up on the whole thing when it comes out on DVD)

stephietoo said...

Supernanny is on Friday nights on ABC. At least she was a couple of weeks ago.