Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Things That Have Made My Kids Cry in the Last Two Days

Just like any siblings, my children are either on or off when it comes to each other. Currently, they are off - as they are now both adding to my last yelling at each other and crying because "Mikayla made me bonk my nose and I know, because I know better"... It can be maddening. My mom used to tell my sister and I that if she had ever had a sister (she was an only child) she would have been so appreciative, she would have never argued. Hah! At least I can rest assured that my sister and I are best friends despite the three decades of arguements that we've had.

Here's some other things that have caused an abundance of tears around here:

Having her shirt sleeves hang over her wrists. She is obsessive about this and freaks out until they are rolled up.

Not having her dress shoes tight enough (see above referring to obsessive behaviors).

Having her hair combed through.

Fighting with Brayden over who's "Book of Mazes" it was - this time Brayden won, but quickly lost credit upon yelling at Mikayla for having previously colored in it.

The last thing Mikayla cried about in her list.

Having to sit in the left carseat instead of the right this morning on the way to school.

Not being able to successfully get past a section in the new "Chicken Little" PS2 game he got for Christmas. (Hysteria for about ten minutes...)

Not being able to have his buddy Andrew come to our house after having hung out with him at his house for 2 hours. He declared he "would never ever stop crying".... I'm proud of myself for just ignoring him and, go figure, he stopped within five minutes of being home.

If I were still under the age of 7, the fact that I gained a pound after two days of seriously being "good" with what I ate and seeing the front page of the newspaper about the miners having actually been dead instead of miraculously alive as was reported last night would have me crying. Perhaps the latter will have me going in that direction if I think enough about it at a weak emotional moment.... that is just so tragic. In the meantime, with two kiddos and two puppies (we're puppysitting Bogey for three days) I think I'll have to suck it up for all of us. And, Jodi - you are in my thoughts and prayers an awful lot, we're praying for some serious miraculous improvement for Jacie......

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