Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Haven't We Done This Already?

This would be the fourth time this year we've sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Mikayla. Last year, we opted to save her party for the summer, so around the fourth of July we all sang to celebrate her three year old birthday. Then, in early December, we had her "friends party" to celebrate turning 4, of course, we sang again on the actual date of her birth - and then, finally, we have the classroom opportunity to celebrate at pre-school. I think I can safely say we're done for at least 11 months.

Here's a few cute things out of the mouth of Mikayla lately:

Very proud that she's now four, she's felt the need to share this with anyone she sees. So, at Safeway, the clerk engaged her in conversation about it. When she asked when she turned four, Mikayla smartly replied, "on my birthday".

Daddy promised Mikayla that if she went to Sunday School class without crying he would take her on a Starbucks date. That did the trick and she was happy as a lark. On the date with Daddy this is what she said, "Do you know why I like to go on dates with you Daddy? Because we both have blue eyes..." (Brayden shares my brown eyes, and she and daddy share the blue...)

Finally, she's been very affectionate lately. She tells me CONSTANTLY that she loves me. "You know what Mommy, I love you." "Do you know what I'm thinking Mommy, I love you..." "I just love you Mommy" It is so sweet - it reminds me of doing the very same thing with my mom, just not ever feeling like I could tell her that enough. I hope she loved it as much as I do. Last night, I told her I didn't ever want her to get any older, because I just love this age. She said she didn't want to either because, "it's no fun being a grown-up". I sighed and said, we ought to let her grow up so she can get to be a mommy. She agreed because she wants me to be a grandma. Finally, we both agreed to try to always have fun together, no matter how old we are. All of a sudden, I feel the need to go tell Mikayla how much I love her........

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HollieHobbie said...

That is so sweet. As my youngest daughter is, right now, grabbing my cheeks and saying "chubby, chubby".