Friday, April 03, 2015

A Very Abundant Week

In order to combat the blues of being "post spring break", a lot was put on the schedule to fill the days.  And, in retrospect, we did a good job of making some very fun choices with how to spend our time.  

First up, Steph Hoffman and I took a walk around the Delta Ponds - a route I haven't taken this year.  It fulfilled my expectations with some great wildlife sightings.  (Not to mention fulfilling my heart with great conversation and openness with Steph).  

Usually, Christi works at Bello on Mondays, but on the particular day, she didn't need to go in until noon.  So, we met up with her and our new friends Ali (the mom), and Joey (the daughter) to play at Crescent Park.

We lucked out when a puppy Shitzu came to play at the park too.

Sure Christi - you've got a baby rapidly growing in your belly, but feel free to take a toddler on each hip too.  =)

Whitley was eager to get going and head over to Christi and Elsie's for the day's adventures, can you tell?

"C'mon Elsie - I don't know what your mom and Aunt Stephie have planned for us today, but I bet it will be good"

Truthfully, we didn't know either - we figured it would involve a local park - but when the rain began and didn't let up, we decided to drive north to Corvallis and check out an indoor Bounce House.  I thought for sure it would be a ginormous hit with the girls - especially Whitley as she's older, but instead, fear got the best of her.

In fact, I ventured into one of the obstacle course with both girls while Christi used the restroom and there was no problem with her trying to find us, as both girls were crying as I had them "trapped in this horrible, scary, inflatable, colorful cage"

Eventually, Christi coaxed Elsie into the "open air" near the exit of one of the "courses" - and we finally got Whitley to concede getting into that part.

Then, we ventured over to the "shorter-walled" toddler course.  Whitley wanted nothing to do with it, but Elsie was curious and ended up cruising through it.  We, as adults, weren't allowed in it, but we were tall enough to see them, wherever they went it.  However, they couldn't always see us.  It took a combination of keeping Whitley's eyes on Elsie within, Christi coaxing from the right, and myself to the left to encourage Whitley to get to the slide - and YES!, overcome her anxiety and ENJOY IT!!!

Then Elsie started getting a little scared so it was Whitley's turn to encourage and support her.  =)

A return to our weekly haunt, "Splash".  

The plan for this day included giving a music class a try through Springfield's Park and Recreation District.  It was designed for kids Birth-5, and the gal that led the class has a gift for certain in both her musical (singing) abilities and skillset in working with little ones.  So impressive.  

As Whitley so loves to sing and play on instruments, we thought it would be a hit for her - and oh how it was!

Joey and Elsie were both a little young to grasp the concepts as much as Whitley, but they enjoyed themselves too.  

Whitley and I were supposed to go to Kick City soccer on Friday, but I was just not feeling it - and was wishing for something that Elsie and Christi could continue to participate in.   It turned out that we all took Brayden to take care of the written part of his Driver's License, so that that when he turned 16 on the following Monday, he could just walk in and get it.  (As he'd already completed a Driver's Ed class, he didn't have to a driver's test to get his license).   As Brayden attends a Catholic high school, they did not have school on Good Friday. 

In payment for our help to achieve this goal, Brayden was interactive and entertaining to Whitley and Elsie (they fought for his attention as he sat between him in the backseat!).   We had them play at an Open Gym at a gymnastics place Mikayla used to go to.  It was a great find for future Friday mornings. 

We capped off the week's fun with lunch at Dickie Yo's - and again, Brayden was the hit for the girls!

Brayden got the girls to pose in the Photo Booth for some lasting memories of such a fun day - and abundant week!

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