Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Happy 16th Brayden!

I can't believe my little otter is 16 years old.  I had to put this up on Instagram the night before lamenting it would be the last time I'd hug him at 15.  =( 

Of course, first up on the agenda was to make this driver official and get his license.  As I mentioned before, because he took the driver's ed class and passed the written portion the previous Friday, he merely needed to go in, hand over $60, and get his picture taken.  HAPPY KID!

This was his Instagram post...

What a wild feeling it is as a parent to watch your kid just drive off.  (Especially in your vehicle)  Yes, there's some fear, but a lot of it is just a matter of adjusting to craziness of it all.  He's a very conscientious and serious driver - let's hope it continues to stay that way even after the novelty fades away.

I let him take my car for the rest of the afternoon.  I got this text later on...

Brayden ended up hanging out with Ashton for a while before joining us at his "chosen" Hometown Buffet for dinner.    Sweet present that Ashton gave him - so fitting and perfect!

I think his 16th birthday ended up just about like he was hoping it would.  Hooray!

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